Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Flood

This flood is a pretty darn big deal. Yesterday I had a lot of students in class, because so many hadn't heard that they would be excused to sandbag. Today a very small number are here. Those who are are doing nothing. I am also watching some other classes so people can sandbag. I feel so guilty that I can't go help. I want to. I did it in 1997.  The work, camaraderie, and feeling of being of help was fulfilling to me.  With Thad on 12 hour shifts through the weekend, however, I am unable to assist. 
What I want to do is help somehow. If any of you know of people who need food brought to them, please let me know. 


Anonymous said...

Today at the site we were working at random people would stop by with food. So, you can always have something prepared and take it to any of the areas where sandbags are being made.


Anonymous said...

I thought I read somewhere that you can drop it off at at Nemzik Hall, of course I can't find the link to that story now.


Vicky said...

Sacrificing your husband being at home to help US, IS helping :) The guy never stopped and I managed to slip some pizza to him and a powerade, otherwise he was nonstop in charge of the flow of traffic which was crazy. I know that may not feel like you're directly helping, but still, that is helpful in its own right!

TBRKO said...

Vicky he told me you brought him pizza. That was so sweet! He said people are so good right now to everyone. He was wet, cold, and his feet were killing him. We (the girls and I) made him take his first bath in a zillion years. He resisted, but he needed it.
It could always be worse though, as i feel for the people who are watching their homes 24-7.