Sunday, March 22, 2009

The new look!

I have tried entering this several times today unsuccessfully. Tonight I retook pictures & IT STILL WOULDN'T WORK. GRRR. I am so excited to have a house that feels more homey. Thank you to my two guardian angels Melissa & Amy for their tips, purchases, and redecorating. They have some big plans for their future, and when I am able to share I will.
For now, I am going to enjoy these changes.......
On another note, the flood is looming in Fargo-Moorhead. Because of the ice show this weekend and Thad being on-call, we weren't able to assist anyone. For the sake of the many families in need of sandbagging, I hope that many of my students get excused to take care of business for our residents.
Coming up tomorrow: Kate's & the ice show. Well, if it works.

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Anonymous said...

When you are putting up pictures on ehre from the ice show could you email me the picture you took of Kate and Lucy?

Thanks! Tami