Sunday, March 29, 2009

More to add

Here is what happened in a 15 minute span about an hour ago:
--began browning meat to make sloppy joes
--notice Brady getting wiggly in his Bumbo (Olivia and I just fed him) so I pick him up.
--feel that his pants are wet
--remove pants and smell poop
--walk upstairs and suddenly feel poop smearing all over my hand
--neglect meat and strip him down
--spend some time getting all this smeary poop off of him
--start a tub and ask Kate to sit with him in the tub while I finish the now burning meat
--walk to start the tub and hear glass shattering and Olivia say, "Mama come here."
--get Brady in the tub, go down to see Olivia dropped a large glass candle on the floor. She is walking around it.
--calmly get her away from glass, sweep it up, and put it in garbage.
--turn to flip over the charred meat to hear Kate say, "It's borning watching Brady in the tub." Uh...sorry chicka, get back there!
--Finish meat, make the bbqs, go up to Brady, clean him up, get supper ready, and eat.
--Breathe a sigh of relief that Ryan is at a birthday party (he can be a pill), I can sit, and we can watch HSM 3.
--Oh wait: realize I have 100 loads of laundry to do and put away, switch my bedding, clean the kitchen, and play with Brady when he wakes up.

Olivia and Brady are my current form of glue. Brady is getting the hang of sitting up!

Ryan returning home from a day playing "flooded yard hockey" with a bunch of boys from hockey.

Olivia helped me feed can see he is wearing a lot of it

Kate has been fighting a sore throat and fever for a few days. The strep test was negative, but she had a 103 fever at the clinic. Poor girl.
Then, I was once again put in my place by reading MckMama's blog. Her baby is having a tough day. I can't imagine to begin to grasp the amount of pain, frustration, fear, anger, and desperation she must being dealing with--all while trying to stay strong for her baby. If you are so inclined, please offer support on her blog.


Anonymous said...

I have been checking in on baby Stellan frequently the past week. So sad!

Look at Mr. Brady sitting up all on his own! And, your little helper Olivia! What a big girls she is getting to be! Where does the time go!


Vicky said...

I feel the same way Bonnie. Nothing I am going through seems nearly as hard to stomach after reading about Stellan. A sick child would just be the hardest thing to endure.

Brady is growing up too quickly! And he just continues to be so adorable. Hope Kate feels well soon.

Dr. J said...

Oh Bonnie how do you do it?

Kate is sitting up now too! When Kara comes in a couple weeks they can sit and stare at each other :P

Tell Olivia she did a good job because that's about how Kate looks after I'm done feeding her! :)

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