Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflecting on 2010

Some things I've learned about myself this year....
10. I am still very naive. If I am told something, chances are I'll believe it. This is a blessing and a curse.
9. My family is the biggest source of contentment to me.
8. Thad and I don't do enough together, as in alone.
7. Hockey season = single parenting
6. Going to Las Vegas with my mom & sister (and staying at the Wynn) is completely fulfilling and relaxing.
5. Going to Las Vegas with Thad is like four date nights in a row...although we tend to seperate.
4. Chicago is a very cool city! Traveling with a group of teachers made it even better.
3. I really can try different foods and survive.
2. I can apply for and get accepted into education programs. Go me!
1. I can leave my family for a week, travel with no one I know, and gain more knowledge and appreciation for history than I ever could imagine. Richmond holds a very special place in my heart.

What will 2011 entail for me? Hopefully a girls' weekend with Melissa & Elli, hopefully a vacation with Thad, hopefully a vacation with my family, and continued love, health, and happiness. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just a typical vacation day

Vacations for me as a working mother are packed with a ton of stuff that I prefer to do when school is not in session. This makes for non-relaxing's today:
Lie awake in bed from 2-4am thinking about all of the things I have to do. This includes baking, wrapping and buying a few more gifts, seeing friends coming into town, etc. Get up to find Ryan and Brady making chocolate chip pancakes (read HUGE mess), eat breakfast, tell Olivia she can't pack quite yet for her upcoming sleepover tonight that she is over the moon about, get dressed, sitter comes over, I go work out and do Zumba, run to Cake and Candy World for baking supplies (this is the year for me to make pretty sugar cookies!), come home, pay the sitter, call the ortho's office to see why they are calling me only to find out I have an appointment today at 1:40, panic as my three kids have dental appointments, call my mom to see if she can take the kids to the dentist, call my friend to see if Brady can go over there, shower, eat, send Ryan off to play hockey at the park with his team, finish getting ready, put Brady down for a quick nap, sit for a few minutes, Brady wakes up, change his diaper, make girls brush teeth again, leave for my appointment, sit there, have them literally try to saw off cement from my upper retainer, get two impressions, find out I have to come back in an hour to pick up my retainer, call my mom and ask her to stay at the dentist, get Brady, go back to ortho, sit way too long for my 5 minute appt, deal with him talking non stop to a Santa Claus balloon, get my new retainer, drive to my parents', look at Olivia's eye which has been funny for two days and decide that I will take her to the walk in after their chiropractor appointments, pull away as my mom tells me she think Olivia has a fever, Olivia tells me she is just peachy, go to the chiropractor, get everyone adjusted, Kate tells me Olivia has diarrhea and needs me to wipe, go do that, get Brady adjusted, leave for walk in, get checked in, find out Olivia has a 102 fever (say what?), tell her no sleep over, Olivia crumbles, my heart breaks as she was so excited to be with the big girls tonight, hold a sobbing/feverish Olivia in my arms, try to occupy Brady, Kate leans forward to watch her necklace sway, falls forward on to her head, starts crying, wants her mom, Olivia's crying, and then Brady gets mad at everyone for ignoring him, nurse comes in to tell me that the doctor has a patient that is taking more time than expected, I say that's okay, we're just a three ring circus in here, doctor finally comes in, says she has an ear infection & pinkeye & possibly strep since it's really going around, but no need to put her through that since she needs antibiotics, schlep the kids back home, call Thad who had to work late to call Hi-Ho for burgers as that's what I'm cooking tonight, get food, eat, and sit!
Thad and I did something we never do: we left the kids in Ryan's care while we went to get Olivia's prescrption. Hey we will take any sort of 'date' we can. Of course it wasn't ready, so we found some stocking stuffers in the meantime. Then we went to Hockey Zone to get a few more things, came home, found our four kids happily in pajamas, and got Olivia her medicine. Then I made a double batch of sugar cookie dough for tomorrow's baking-fest, cleaned the kitchen, and got the little kids to bed. Kate is reading, Ryan is watching tv, and I am going to read soon. I also rented at the little kiosk outside of Walgreens "The Kids are Alright." It's gotten rave reviews, so I am looking forward to watching it.
Hey no complaints here about my day, but this post is one reason why there is no such thing as a vacation once you become a parent!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I thought I'd ask

Maybe you have the answers to a few of these questions that I often ponder....

Why is that right after I clean the bathrooms--specifically the toilets--someone takes a messy poop and re-dirties it?
Why is it that when I see my kids doing something cute or sweet, I pull out the camera, and wham!, that ends immediately?
Why are most of Ryan's hockey games lately scheduled during my child's naptime?
Why when I have money to spend at the mall I can't find a dang thing?
Why when I shouldn't buy something at the mall, I find a million things?
(Okay this is sarcastic) Why do children point out the obvious to us? Example: Olivia yesterday: "Mom when it's winter it's cold out." Me: "yes it is Olivia." Inside my head I'm thinking, "Well duh, I've lived in this hell hole of a state for 34 years, and I hate winter!" But I would never talk like that....
Why does cold weather across certain parts of the United States--or snow for that matter--make national news? I thought New Yorkers were used to this weather. I guess not.
Why are my children incapable of resigning themselves to the fact that they are exhausted? It is so hard on their pride to say, "Wow I'm tired."
Why after I buy $125 worth of groceries is there 'nothing to eat?'
Why does Olivia not cry when girls at the salon comb her hair, but at home, you'd think she was being tortured?
Why is food at everyone else's houses so much better than at home?
Why did Kate put marker on her eyelids to 'see how it would feel?'
Why is a quiet two year old usually a naughty one?

By the way, I most certainly have not asked why to the things Brady has done in the last week: put my brush in the toilet, put my toothbrush in the toilet, squrited toothpaste on my carpet, smeared toothpaste on my toilet seat, and dumped numerous handfuls of uncooked noodles on the floor.
And those are the things I dare blog about. I will hint this much: he has become almost obsessed with my...ahem...chest. Squeezing, squishing, asking, squeezing some more, and asking if they are penises like he has....god lord.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Ryan (& Thad who is always with Ryan at hockey) came home with his team pictures. I think they are pretty cute. It's frightening how much money we spend each year on pictures for each kids' activities. After doing this for several years, I now have the goal of displaying all of these photos at their graduations. Those of you who know me also know that I struggle keeping track of things, so this likely won't happen.
The black/orange jersey is for his travel team. The blue is the in-house team. Squirts are the busiest two years in hockey (so they say) because of being on two teams. Compared to last year, I would argue that this year (his second year as a squirt) is much busier. He has practice every day this week other than Wednesday. Sometimes (normally on Thursdays) he has practice for both teams back to back as well as dryland. Good god! If I am correct, he has another four games this weekend too.

Here is my obviously uncooperative child Ryan who gave me his 'nicest face.' Ha. He is too cool for school and his mother.

**If you enlarge the blue team picture you will see Thad's photo as well.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Katester

Kate had another performance this weekend. She is taking a second class this year--jazz. Seriously how cute are those uniforms? Here are some pictures with her friend Kailee. Fast forward about 25ish years, and you have Bonnie and Jenny doing the same stuff!
Oh and this morning, Kate told me she drew my portrait. I think you will all enjoy looking at how my daughter sees me. She pointed out that she made a point to give me moles too. Thanks Kate!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love, Olivia

We have a little work ahead of us on the fine motor skills and drawing/writing all on one side, but I thought this was pretty sweet.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Ryan

My Ryan turned eleven years old today. I told him that today was one of the four best days of my life. I have so many memories of my pregnancy, his birth, and him as a baby. He asked why having a baby is such a big deal. I told him when he is a dad someday he will understand.

*Unfortunately I have no digital baby photos of him, and I have no scanner.* What I will do is rewrite what I wrote in his baby book....

We went into the hospital after supper on Saturday, December 4. All we were going for ws to hve my blood pressure checked. It was too high, so I was admitted. Dr. Dangerfield ws on call taht weekend so I was very happy. He said that I would be induced in the morning. We couldn't believe that it was actually going to happen! We were nervous and excited. We called our parents and they got very excited. At 10:30pm, the nurse gave me something to get me ready for labor & a sleeping pill. I ended up having contractions ALL night & not sleeping! (I didn't talk about the drug they gave me which made me higher than a kite. I remember talking to Thad about frosted cookies, ocean jumpers, and other stuff. I also recall telling him that I know I made no sense, but I was really seeing this stuff. Oh my.) At 7:30am, they induced me. At 10:30am, the doctor broke my water. Then things got sort of rough. By 12:00pm though, I had an epidural & felt no pain. I think your dad was relieved! (Actually I begged for that epidural, and told the doctor I would give him anything he wanted. He requested a Vikings leather jacket. I said no problem.) At 4:20pm, I behang to push, and out you came at 5:42pm. (Didn't mention the vacuum either but oh well) That was easily the happiest moment of our lives! We both couldn't believe how beautiful you were...and you were ours! We loved you instantly.

How did we celebrate his birthday? With three hockey games, a late Friday night practice, a dance performance for the girls, and Thad's sister/daughter came to town. He asked if we could go out to breakfast this morning, so fifteen minutes after dragging my duff out of bed, we went to IHOP. YUM!