Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sometimes the things that come out of Kate's mind baffle me…..

Kate was drinking some General Foods International Coffee cocoa tonight. She coughed and 'cocoa' got all over the table.

I casually asked, "Did it go down the wrong hole?" Wow did that throw Miss Kate for a loop.

Kate: "I don't know what you mean."

Me: "When you swallowed, did it feel like it was going into a hole other than your throat?"

Kate: "I don't know what you're talking about."

By now I am laughing…"Forget it Kate."

Kate after a pause: "Which hold do we use?"

Now I am really laughing, because Kate is so innocently dingy. I hadn't realized at this point that she isn't being dingy, she just has no clue.

Kate: "Let's google two holes in your mouth."

I oblige, because really, I need graphics at this point. So we look at photos. I show her the trachea and esophagus. I show her which one takes in air versus food. I remind her of my choking crisis last March. We have a good conversation. Her final response?

Kate: "Kinda dumb."

Kate, Olivia, and Brady were just bathing. Olivia says, "Oh yuck, Brady's penis." Kate: "Olivia they're his privates. He can do whatever he wants with them."

Monday, December 28, 2009

how many of you

get this kind of help when you are trying to unload your dishwasher?

or have a child who uses his puppy as an occasional foot rest?

it's pretty funny isn't it?

Here's one that isn't so funny. I want to know why, as someone who as always been regularly irregular, I am now a perfectly regular 28 day girl? Thanks nature.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Some new things in life that are turning my crank:

1. Pandora.com
Why you ask? You enter in your favorite artists or songs, and they make you customized radio stations! It's very cool if I do say so. Right now I am most enjoying my "Black Eyed Peas" & "Hall & Oates" stations. I bet you're thinking Hall and Oates? What a dork! I know, I know, but I am getting a great collection of 70s & 80s music from it. I also have a Lady Gaga station, Madonna, and AC/DC.
2. The fact that I can blog from Windows 07 right now. Well, we will see if it works, but right now I am trying it out.
3. The fact that I went out two times this week. It must be a record! I went out with our Vegas group this week. Tonight Thad and I went to Red Lobster with Elli and Tim. What a joy to connect with old friends.
4. My kids. Granted we are early in the break, but I have been enjoying watching Olivia and Kate play with their American Girl dolls nonstop. Ryan has been playing his PSP a lot, but we are also playing board games. We have been watching movies together, laughing, and just enjoying one another. Brady has had a rough week. I am hoping he is turning the corner on feeling crummy, being cranky, and being over tired.

Things that aren't turning my crank?
1. Maggie. She is such a brat. She has already put a hole in a new sweater Kate got for Christmas. She is lucky that she is so sweet by bedtime. I forgive her each night for all the havoc she wreaks(sp?) over our house.
2. Snow removal people. Basically we have a five feet of snow that is blocking our driveway. The plow sort of dumped all this extra snow in front of our house and our neighbor's. Thad said that I should be prepared to be trapped tomorrow when they come back. It's not about all the snow. It's about where they dumped it. It's in a spot that has nowhere to go. Grrr.
That's about it….I am curious to see if this will post or not.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember when?

The days leading up to Christmas used to drag. The presents would call my name, asking me to shake them to predict what they were. The dishes couldn't have been washed any more slowly--a sure prank on my family's behalf to torture me. And, of course, you had to wash the dishes prior to opening presents right?
Today, Christmas springs up on me. It's a rat race. Each year I have grandiose plans to make the holiday more special than last year. Maybe I will bake even more. Maybe I will decorate even more. Maybe I will make extra special gifts.
Instead of pining for the days on the calendar to change, I now feel like I am along for a speedy car ride. The brakes will slam, and there Christmas will be.
Life in general is a lot like that. Serioulsy, just have children, and life suddenly flies by. Wow

Monday, December 21, 2009

More bizarre stuff

Kate at supper two weeks ago
"Is the "F" word F@&K?"
I turned to laugh as I was in shock....
Ryan-- "I can't believe you didn't know that. Do you know the "A" word?"
Thad--"Ryan stop. Kate yes it is, but it's a bad word. I don't ever want you to say that again.
Me--"Where did you hear that?"
Kate--"It was on the slide at school."

Kate--"Isn't it so sad that Jesus got killed? Everyone was mean to him because he was so wierd."
Insert a little mental jolt on my part? huh?
Kate--"Well they thought he was wierd."
Me--sigh of relief that she knows better

Saturday, December 19, 2009

past due?

I guess it's been awhile since I have posted an "it only happens to us" story. Here goes...I think you will find it worth the read.

3:45--Thad and Ryan come home from Ryan's (victorious) hockey game. Brady who was sleeping in my arms, awakened feeling very hot. He was overdue for tylenol, so I asked Thad to also bring the themometer. He went in yesterday and is being treated for an ear infection. His fever has not gone away though. Sure enough, under his chubby little baby arm it registered at 104.1. When you add the extra degree as you are supposed to with an underarm check, I felt a surge of anxiety: 105.1. Thad and I decided to take him in--fast.
5:00--Leave the doctor. His blood work came back good, fever was slowly going down, and we are just watching him. We head to pick up Olivia from my mom and dad's. Wayne invites us for dinner...Erin's family is headed over with KFC.
5:30--Arrive with Kate and Brady. Thad is shortly behind us. Start eating. Ross is in a BAD mood. "Don't talk to me" was his line. He said his tummy hurt. He tried to use the bathroom unsuccessfully. Crying set in.
5:50--Ross throws up in my parents' entryway. Kris found the closest place with no carpet.
5:55--Thad takes the girls to leave. I am shortly behind him.
6:00--Brady poops. I grab a diaper, wipes, and take him to the kitchen. My dad leaves the room (he hates diapers). I take off his diaper, open up the wipes, and realize that the wipes are actually a container holding toys.
6:03--Run to the bathroom to grad wipes. Ross is bathing.
6:03--Go to the kitchen. See poop smeared all over the floor and on Brady. Guess he had more to get out!
6:04--Start laughing that this crap (no pun intended) only happens to us.
6:05--Fill up the sink with soap and water. Bathe Brady, clean the floor, and get him dressed to leave.
6:10--Brady and I leave
6:15--Gilletts leave
6:45--Call my mom. Tell her good job on that new dark carpet she chose. Encourage her to watch The Hangover tonight. I would, but we watched it last night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

nothing of significance

So many people have posted really good meaningful topics lately. I have none of that in this post. I will, however, share what we have been up to this week:

Last Sunday we went to a friend's from work to make gingerbread houses. The girls had a lot of fun. Who wouldn't with the spread she had! Brady was a little clingy, and I forgot my camera. Take my word for it, that they made very cute gingerbread houses.

Ryan's birthday party. We had pizza and cake in my classroom. Then we took all 12 or so kids to the Roseau/Spud hockey game. It was a major upset of a game, but the kids had fun.
Olivia had her Christmas preschool program. Maggie our darling animal bit a couple of holes in her dress just before we left that morning. Have I mentioned she drives me insane?

On another note, my foot is doing well. I went back to school Monday with no problems. Today I had my bandage & stitches removed. That was a little gross. Kate, who has debated being a nurse, was pretty grossed out. Olivia was more fascinated. That girl is so much like me sometimes...Olivia that is.
If you know my mother in law Jo, then you might also think the way I do that Olivia is looking more and more like her. I used to think Kate does. She has similar features, but I really see it more in Olivia now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thank you

I have a little too much time on my hands right now. I am trying to sit a lot. I keep fighting it, but then the pain sets in more....so here I sit (again) enjoying my new laptop. It's becoming my new best friend.
This post is really a thank you post...

To my husband: THANK YOU for getting up during the night to get me water, make me toast to take my ineffective drugs, for getting all the kids ready, for dealing with the dog, and for always being there for me. You are the best care giver ever!
To my mother: THANK YOU for helping me with the kids this week, for carrying Brady around more than you should, for always being willing to assist me, and for being a wonderful mom. I have never stopped needing you!
To my kids: THANK YOU for being concerned for me. Thank you for telling me you love me.
To my sister: THANK YOU for calling to check up on me, helping with the kids tonight, and always being so supportive.
To my foot: THANK YOU for failing on me. You are lame.

C'mon people

Update your blog already! Some of us are stuck sitting/lying on our duffs and need entertainment.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I survived my surgery. I was pretty scared yesterday, especially when I found out that I would have to be completely put under. Apparently the surgery was too involved to just sedate me.
I had a screw or two put in (I have no idea). All I know is that when I got home, I mostly slept. I do remember the kids coming in to see me. Kate and Ryan were especially sweet. She kept kissing my forehead, and Ryan snuggled with me and told me he loved me. That made it all worth it.
I was in intense pain all night. I was only told to take one tylenol/codeine...not enough. It was a sleepless night.
Today I am better. I got to take two pills. Thad and I spent the day together, which never happens. I have been lying around all day. I did try to be supermom tonight and get Brady out of the tub with one foot. That landed us both on the floor, and once again, I was in pain.
Thad has been so good to me. He always is. I told him that even though I can be ungrateful, I sooooo appreciate him.
That's about it. I am hoping to feel strong enough on my foot by Monday.....
thanks for your kid words and prayers!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not good

I need surgery Wednesday. I really have no clue why other than the doctor said so. I need "a couple of screws and maybe a wire to close the break."
It goes without saying that this doesn't fit into my lifestyle.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

All in one day...

We survived: Kate's dance performance, Ryan's hockey game, Olivia's performance, and even had dessert to celebrate Ryan's birthday.
I wish I could post past pictures of my once upon a time little baby boy Ryan. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner, and Ryan was born pre-digital camera. I remember Ryan's birth like it was yesterday. I even got a little misty eyed in the ER last week waiting for my xray results. The smell of the hospital brought me back to the four times I have stayed there. Only those time, I got to snuggle with precious tiny miracles.
It's just so hard to believe that I have a child in the double digits.....
Ryan's team hadnother a game in Grand Forks today. I had two full hours in the car to work on school work! His team lost (again), but at least he is having fun. We even made a pre-game CD to pump up his teammates with.
My foot is feeling better. It's pretty bruised, but it's been okay getting around (illegally) with just the mini boot they gave me. I didn't use the crutches today. They SUCK. I am hoping that when I go to the podiatrist tomorrow, he will just throw me in a walking boot.
This last picture is of my two babies. Brady and Maggie, for the most part, have become rather close. They like to watch Baby Mozart et.al. together. Brady says "pup pup" a lot too.

Friday, December 4, 2009

the long version

Last night after I dropped off Kate and Kailee at dance, I bathed Olivia and Brady. I also put away four or so loads of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, got the kids out of the tub, and wrestled Brady to get him dressed. He and I were headed downstairs to the kitchen to read a couple books. I had the 25 lb boy in one hand and a couple of books in the other. I misjudged the last step, fell, heard a little pop, and fell hard. Poor Brady did too. He started screaming, and I realized I was like the lady in the "I've fallen and can't get up commercials."
I immediately called my mommy to come over. Then I kept trying to call Thad, but I couldn't get through to him. I called my friend & trainer Stacey, and she told me to ice my foot and elevate it. Only I couldn't get to the ice...or move at all for that matter.
My mom came, helped me get ice, and I somehow got on the couch. I called Thad, and from what I described, he told me to get to the ER. I called big Wayne out of a meeting to take me. Ryan then returned from hockey, and Kate arrived from dance. My mom and Jo kindly took over with the kids, while Wayne and I headed at a snail's pace to the ER. (My dad drives 25 on a good day, but the ice brought him down to 15).I thought I was going to freak out.
I got a wheelchair to get into the ER and began waiting. When the doctor arrived, he said that by the looks of it, I probably tore some ligaments, but he said it's highly unlikely to break your foot from twisting your foot. He still did an xray just in case. After who knows how long, he came in and said, "Well you broke it." I said, "Shut up! Sorry I don't mean that in a bad way." He explained that I chipped off some bone in the top of my foot. He would hook me up with a boot and crutches. I would have to see a podiatrist to see what course of treatment I would take.
So we drive/coast in neutral home. I get out of the car and splat. I felt right on the ice. Boy did that hurt! Dang ice and crutches do not mix well.
My mother, bless her heart, offered to come in the morning. I went to bed. Ryan came in during the night, let out Maggie, and covered me up with an extra blanket. Dang I love when my kids are sweet.....
In the morning I showered (how I don't know), dressed, etc. After my mom dropped off my little kids at daycare, she brought me to school. (this is my right foot btw) I get off the elevator and hit a patch of water. splat again.
Later on in my second class splat again. By now I am getting cranky. I had been so positive until that point. I told the kids that it could always be worse--and it most certainly can. But by lunch, I had a little tear festival with myself.
Tonight Thad is home. I have been hobbling on my foot a little even though I am not supposed to. My hands are swollen as are my arms from the crutches.
This weekend is going to be tough. Thad and I have some serious figuring out to do. He will take the girls to skating. Then Kate has a performace, Ryan has his first traveling hockey game on his birthday, and Olivia has a recital tomorrow evening. I will go to it all. Sunday Ryan and Thad head to Grand Forks. I am not sure where I will be. I can't very well be in charge of Brady no matter where I am. I can't lift him or do much of anything. Time will tell.
On Monday, I will see a podiatrist. Let's hope he can get me in a walking boot. The ER doctor said he didn't think I would need surgery (WTF?), and I am banking on that.
Through it all, though, these things have kept me happy:
Ryan snuggling with me.
Olivia waking up this morning immediately saying, "mommy I prayed for you last night."
Kate getting every little thing.
Brady smiling as always.
My MOTHER for dealing with Brady even though she shouldn't lift him due to her hip. Did I mentioned she tripped and fell last night over a hockey stick? Nice huh?
My mother in law for offering to keep the kids longer today.
My students for being so sweet through it all....yes they laughed when I bit it, but so did I.
My hubby for coming home knowing he will be dealing with one heck of a load.
I have actually bought and wrapped most of my presents.

So, once again, I am trying my hardest to live my one of my favorite mottos: When you get lemons, make lemonade. I could use some spiked lemonade right about now.

I can't make this stuff up

The ultra short version is I broke my foot last night. I will post later. This is not something I have time for in my life (the broken foot that is).