Thursday, December 17, 2009

nothing of significance

So many people have posted really good meaningful topics lately. I have none of that in this post. I will, however, share what we have been up to this week:

Last Sunday we went to a friend's from work to make gingerbread houses. The girls had a lot of fun. Who wouldn't with the spread she had! Brady was a little clingy, and I forgot my camera. Take my word for it, that they made very cute gingerbread houses.

Ryan's birthday party. We had pizza and cake in my classroom. Then we took all 12 or so kids to the Roseau/Spud hockey game. It was a major upset of a game, but the kids had fun.
Olivia had her Christmas preschool program. Maggie our darling animal bit a couple of holes in her dress just before we left that morning. Have I mentioned she drives me insane?

On another note, my foot is doing well. I went back to school Monday with no problems. Today I had my bandage & stitches removed. That was a little gross. Kate, who has debated being a nurse, was pretty grossed out. Olivia was more fascinated. That girl is so much like me sometimes...Olivia that is.
If you know my mother in law Jo, then you might also think the way I do that Olivia is looking more and more like her. I used to think Kate does. She has similar features, but I really see it more in Olivia now.


Vicky said...

Cool birthday party for Ryan, one I am sure he will never forget regardless of the outcome of the game. Olivia looked so cute for her program... the preschool programs were the best!

Yeah, I'd say not insignificant in the least :) Your family will love having all of these memories encapsulated here one day.

HHLSS said...

Olivia looks so pretty! I keep getting all my birthday party ideas from you. Too neat!

ABCDH said...

I totally think Olivia looks like Jo!! I also think I could pick out a Stafford kid from a million miles away :-) Soooooo cute!