Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our three stooges

Kate and Olivia are goofballs. They love to listen to the "Happy Feet" soundtrack and dance their little hearts out. It is so fulfilling to watch them be so happy together.

The fun for the girls is carrying over to bedtime these days. Olivia's new bedtime words are "Bed...Teetie (katie)...Bed...Teetie." We are giving them a chance. So far it is not working so well. Lots of deep belly laughs are coming from the room. I took the photo in the dark while I tried to get them to settle down. You can guess how successful I was.
As I was typing this Ryan ran down to show me what happened when he was brushing his teeth: another tooth fell out! His mouth is a little bloody, but that didn't stop the excitement!

A new dress

Grandma Jeanne bought Kate a new dress today. Kate is so excited to wear it to Jo's tomorrow that she decided it would be best to sleep in it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An evening in the life of a seven year old

Poor Ryan had a tough evening. First he had to go with his mother to get a new jacket since the zipper broke on his old one. That was a drag for him, but he had few other options since his PS2, Gameboy, and TV were banned for the day. (fyi: by Thad, not me)
When we got home he snuck away as I was in the bathroom and Thad was giving the girls a bath. He kept coming upstairs asking us to see something. Being the bad busy parents we are, we said "just wait" about 20 times. All of the sudden I heard Thad scolding Ryan. Of course I am in the bathroom trying to have a little 'privacy.' Ryan runs in crying to me.
It seems that when you do a google search for "Goalie coloring pages" you better make sure you spell it correctly. Ryan, being the typical first grader, used phonics and typed "pictures of golys." Well that brings up loads of porn. Ryan had been told not to use the computer without us helping him. (he almost broke the printer this weekend) So, Thad was angry that he didn't follow the rules and that Ryan saw some pretty interesting photos.
Things settled down after that. I read him a few chapters in a story. Now that he can read, I have learned that I can't skip words they way I used to. I can't be the only one who does that right?!?!? I have also realized that if I don't read the exact way his teacher does, I am doing it incorrectly. Can any of us catch a break!?!?!?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ryan & Kate's New Favorite Song

Remember this group? Well if you are my age you do...."I'm Too Sexy" ring a bell from 1992?!?!? One of my students lent me a 90s CD with this song on it. Since Thad is gone, I had to drive Ryan to school before I brought the girls to Jo's. I personally can't get into kid music in the car. It's just not my thing. So I played this song. The kids loved it! Ryan thought the lyrics were funny. He said he was singing it all day long.
Is it the most appropriate song in the world? No. Are my kids tainted for life? Hardly. They can appreciate a good one hit wonder when they hear it.
On another note I have realized that I am not fit to be a single parent. It is too hard. I can handle Thad being gone, but when I have to be at work at a certain time with my "I am the happiest teacher alive face", get the kids ready and transported in opposite directions, and take someone to an activity or two each night, I am ready to pull my hair out.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A week in review

Life has been hectic lately. First, I went to Des Moines this weekend for a Premier Designs regional conference. I realized it was my first true weekend away from the family. I had a wonderful time! My "premier" friend are so fun and awesome. We had some great laughs!
Ryan didn't feel well all weekend. On Sunday night, he mentioned that his throat hurt on top of a tummy ache and headache. I brought him in and he had strep! He has missed the last two days of school. Ryan is mainly struggling with stomach pains. Thank goodness for my parents to help. He seems better, so let's hope that he is recovering!
Kate went to the dermatologist last week. She has really bad eczema on her body. Specifically her legs are in rough shape. She is on a prescription now, but it hasn't stopped her from waking up during the night with severe itchiness. I normally take Kate and her friend to dance on Tuesdays. Tonight I had to take Ryan to the Dr., so my friend Jenny drove. Kate wouldn't dance. That meant that her friend Kailee wouldn't dance. On the way home both girls fell asleep in the car.
On to Miss Olivia. Do I dare say that there hasn't been much Olivia drama? I guess when I was in Des Moines, she cut her foot with my razor....
Thad left town today for the rest of the week. I am glad that he gets a little break right after me. It allowed me to feel less guilty for being gone. The kids and I have lots to do, but we will have fun.
My friend AJ just started up a new blog. Her first entry put it best: our lives--while seemingly boring to those w/o kids--are NOT boring at all. Our weekends might not be exciting, but they are busy nonetheless!

Money can't buy this kind of happiness

Ryan is home this morning recovering from strep throat. Look what he emailed me from my mom & dad's account:

Dear Bonnie ;

I love you as much as sun are the best mom ever.and you;r the best teacher ever. F-r-O-M r-Y-a-n......

Needless to say, I am on cloud nine right about now!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Half way done with......

....the school year! For me that means new kids, classes, etc on Monday. I had my students write out things they had learned about history or about themselves. It is so fun to read their thoughts when they really feel like sharing. I have to tell you, I feel badly for people who don't like their job. I LOVE mine!
...first grade! Wow, I can't believe Ryan is a reader. Time flies by too quickly.
...being 30. Sunday is my half birthday. Yes I keep track. I do not like being 30 at all. You see, when you work with kids like I do, they stay the same age (or so it seems) but I get older. Yuck!

That's all for now.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Thad fixed it.....

These were those pictures I was telling you about...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I took some cute pictures this weekend, but our "USB port" isn't working...huh? So I need to work on that. We have had a nice weekend. I had a jewelry show on Friday night. Yesterday Thad and I looked at flooring to replace our horrible laminate. Kate had figure skating and a dance recital. Ryan had a hockey game. We went out for supper last night. All in all it was a fun weekend to be together.
We are off to another of Ryan's game right now, and then to my parents' for supper. I am sure some funny stories will come from the next couple of hours' events!
If I could have put up pics, it would have been of:
Kate's recital
Ryan's popcorn dinner he made for Thad last night complete with a placemat, glass of water, and a breath mint for afterward!
The house. Ryan had an urge to clean and vacuum! What a guy.
Stay warm!

Monday, January 8, 2007

"Oops" of the day

I probably shouldn't even publicize this. Today at work, I was lecturing on the early stages of U.S. involvement in Vietnam. I was discussing Ngo Dinh Diem and how he was a corrupt leader. I then said that he refused a planned national election because....."he knew he would lose the erection." Oops.
Needless to say, the kids had a heyday. Ugh.


Ryan gets a homework packet on Mondays. So tonight he worked on it. At one point, I had to tell him that he hadn't followed directions and colored something incorrectly. No big deal right? Well, he ran upstairs and lost it for a minute. I gave him a little pep talk about how making a mistake is no big deal--especially if you fix it. Do we have a perfectionist on our hands??? I think so...

The other photo is of Miss Olivia. One of her favorite words is "color."

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Not back to work yet...

Olivia woke up last night with a fever, so I missed the first day back from vacation. Thad has a big trial beginning tomorrow, so I will be with her again. Let's hope that Olivia gets better soon! I hate to see her miserable....

Monday, January 1, 2007

Hanging with the 'rents

The kids and I got a surprise phone call from Grandma and Grandpa this afternoon. My great uncle Glenn had someone deliver two baby cradles he made by hand for the girls. The picture is blurry, but you get a sense of the craftsmanship. He also made Ryan (and Ross & Grant) dachshund (sp?) shaped wooden crayon holders.
Of course, the 'visit' turned in to an extended stay.
Ryan helped Grandma with a project....(he loves to feel grown up!)
Olivia had Grandma read her some stories....
Kate had Grandpa tell 'a few' of his famous "off the top of his head" stories starring none other than: KATE!