Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An evening in the life of a seven year old

Poor Ryan had a tough evening. First he had to go with his mother to get a new jacket since the zipper broke on his old one. That was a drag for him, but he had few other options since his PS2, Gameboy, and TV were banned for the day. (fyi: by Thad, not me)
When we got home he snuck away as I was in the bathroom and Thad was giving the girls a bath. He kept coming upstairs asking us to see something. Being the bad busy parents we are, we said "just wait" about 20 times. All of the sudden I heard Thad scolding Ryan. Of course I am in the bathroom trying to have a little 'privacy.' Ryan runs in crying to me.
It seems that when you do a google search for "Goalie coloring pages" you better make sure you spell it correctly. Ryan, being the typical first grader, used phonics and typed "pictures of golys." Well that brings up loads of porn. Ryan had been told not to use the computer without us helping him. (he almost broke the printer this weekend) So, Thad was angry that he didn't follow the rules and that Ryan saw some pretty interesting photos.
Things settled down after that. I read him a few chapters in a story. Now that he can read, I have learned that I can't skip words they way I used to. I can't be the only one who does that right?!?!? I have also realized that if I don't read the exact way his teacher does, I am doing it incorrectly. Can any of us catch a break!?!?!?

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I often wonder about the day that we'll need to read the stories word-for-word. Emily no longer lets us skip pages, but we do skimp on the words some nights!