Monday, January 1, 2007

Hanging with the 'rents

The kids and I got a surprise phone call from Grandma and Grandpa this afternoon. My great uncle Glenn had someone deliver two baby cradles he made by hand for the girls. The picture is blurry, but you get a sense of the craftsmanship. He also made Ryan (and Ross & Grant) dachshund (sp?) shaped wooden crayon holders.
Of course, the 'visit' turned in to an extended stay.
Ryan helped Grandma with a project....(he loves to feel grown up!)
Olivia had Grandma read her some stories....
Kate had Grandpa tell 'a few' of his famous "off the top of his head" stories starring none other than: KATE!

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Kim said...


I love seeing the photos and the stories. This is great for me! You know I always want to know what is up with you guys. Sounds like everything is "normal" (meaning crazy).

I'm heading back next Friday, Jan. 12th for good. Bethany and Kevin arrive on Thursday and depart next Tuesday. I'm excited for them to visit and I am really hoping for nice weather for them while they are staying with me.