Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A week in review

Life has been hectic lately. First, I went to Des Moines this weekend for a Premier Designs regional conference. I realized it was my first true weekend away from the family. I had a wonderful time! My "premier" friend are so fun and awesome. We had some great laughs!
Ryan didn't feel well all weekend. On Sunday night, he mentioned that his throat hurt on top of a tummy ache and headache. I brought him in and he had strep! He has missed the last two days of school. Ryan is mainly struggling with stomach pains. Thank goodness for my parents to help. He seems better, so let's hope that he is recovering!
Kate went to the dermatologist last week. She has really bad eczema on her body. Specifically her legs are in rough shape. She is on a prescription now, but it hasn't stopped her from waking up during the night with severe itchiness. I normally take Kate and her friend to dance on Tuesdays. Tonight I had to take Ryan to the Dr., so my friend Jenny drove. Kate wouldn't dance. That meant that her friend Kailee wouldn't dance. On the way home both girls fell asleep in the car.
On to Miss Olivia. Do I dare say that there hasn't been much Olivia drama? I guess when I was in Des Moines, she cut her foot with my razor....
Thad left town today for the rest of the week. I am glad that he gets a little break right after me. It allowed me to feel less guilty for being gone. The kids and I have lots to do, but we will have fun.
My friend AJ just started up a new blog. Her first entry put it best: our lives--while seemingly boring to those w/o kids--are NOT boring at all. Our weekends might not be exciting, but they are busy nonetheless!

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