Monday, February 27, 2012

Last night

We went to dinner with my dad. Luckily Wayne was in a laid back mood because we looked like a three (four) ring circus...
--Brady walked in with hockey gloves and a hockey helmet
--Ryan was sharing some foul with us.
--Brady announced he had to poop...very loudly.
--Brady returned from the bathroom and not only announced that he did his business, but the color as well.
--Kate spilled her pop all over.
--Brady started choking, gagging, and regurgitated a bit of food into a napkin I held. Awesome.
--Brady announced again he had to poop.
--Brady announced his butt hurt.
--The waitress was clearing our plates...even Kate was done eating. If you know Kate, she is always the last to finish. Brady said very loudly, "Don't take mine!"

Really this was just a typical hour spent with my family, but sometimes you just have to roll your eyes