Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I have not been good about pictures lately, but here are a couple from today. You can tell my kids just got up--scary hair all around!

I have to tell you a funny Brady my expense. This happened yesterday while I was at Zumba. Thad texted me to say that Brady picked up a bra of mine and said, "mommy's boobie?" Thad said, "Yes." Without missing a beat Brady said, "Too small." Yep even Brady knows....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Seventeen years...

As I am home again with sick Olivia, cleaning, and thinking too much, I looked at the calendar. I realized today is the seventeen year anniversary of my Grandma's Irene death. I remember the day clearly. It was the one and only time in my life I skipped class. I didn't even really skip like a good skipper would. I had study hall with Mr. Jess (You MHS grads know where this is going....and he just stopped subbing a few years ago!). I told him I was a pass runner (I was), but instead a few of us went to Mexican Village for a friend's birthday.
I went home after and my parents were home (gulp). My mom was sitting at the kitchen table. I just knew that my grandma died. But you see, it was my other grandma who was deathly ill. In fact the week before was Easter. That day was the one and only time I've seen my father cry...sob actually at church. It was heartbreaking. He stayed back to be with her at Eventide while my sister, my mom, Thad, and I went to see my Grandma Irene for the day. We came home and there was a message on the machine from my dad. I remember it clearly: "Grandma is not doing well. I plan to stay for the duration."
I insisted on seeing her. She and I were closer than I can put into words. At least we were to me. She adored all her grandkids. I walked into her room at Eventide. Her breathing was so labored, so loud. I went up and talked to her like it was any other day. Her breathing got worse. I left sad, knowing that was it.
Here's where it gets crazy: my dad called an hour later. My grandma Ada was sitting up in bed talking! Huh??? I talked to her. She said she heard everything I said. She was feeling great. Wow...I was so happy.

But when I walked into my house just five days later, I knew. I said, "Grandma died didn't she?" My mom said, "Yes but the wrong Grandma." I had no reaction...probably shock. I am a cryer, but not over death. Don't ask...I have no idea why. I actually remember asking a few questions that would make me look incredibly selfish and like a jerk, so I won't share them.
So we trekked up to my Grandma's the next day. All was good. Then on Sunday was the visitation. AJ, I remember I borrowed an outfit from you!
I walked in and I fell apart. To this day it was the only death situation where I have fallen completely apart. And I mean I was just crying and crying and crying. I'm sure it was the fact that we weren't as close as I wished. Our Easter was great. Thad and I told her we would visit her that summer. I was feeling hopeful.
It was no secret that I was the black sheep grandchild. I think I let her down a little. I was too much of an Ingersoll I guess. But she loved me and I loved her.
Anyway my other grandma was alive. My 'healthy' one had passed. I remember my dad fielding calls from his brother about my Grandma Ada. She was demanding to smoke. They kept consulting him. Finally he was like, "Oh my god who cares. Let the woman smoke if she wants too." I spent a lot of good times in the smoking room with her at Eventide....good times, but that's another story.

My classmate died exactly one month later. A couple weeks after that my sister got married. A week after that, my Grandma Ada died. Then I graduated from high school. Sometimes life is a blur....and this was cathartic for me to reflect!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tylenol rules

Olivia up Sunday morning with rosy cheeks and lips. When I see bright red lips, I know someone has a fever in this house. She didn't say she felt sick, but she was.
Brady cuddled with her.

Later that night, her fever spiked. I gave her tylenol which she threw up right away. So we tried the chewable ones. Those stayed down.
She woke up Monday again with a fever. I gave her more (chewable) tylenol, and we went to the clinic. See? It works!

They assumed strep, but they were out of rapid tests. So off we went to get her prescription and a coloring book.

She seemed to be doing well. Thanks tylenol!
But when it wears good.

Last night her fever got as high as 104.7. good. She started to cry that her eyes burned and her tummy hurt. Thad was working late on a case, so we just dealt with it.
Eventually the tylenol kicked in again. She bathed with Brady....and then he snuggled with her some more.

She didn't have a good night of sleep until....I have no idea. She kept thrashing around and couldn't cool down.
This morning her fever was 103. But, thankfully, tylenol has kicked in again....and Brady and Olivia are doing puzzles.

I wonder what will happen after it wears off? Thad is in the midst of flood duty and testifying in a trial. He feels bad, but hey, what do you do? Daycare is closed, because my mother in law is sick. I've used the day to do some major cleaning. I've swept the garage, vacuumed the house, do a bunch of laundry, and scrub our main floor.
I could use a nap...but first I have to go deal with the fact that Brady plugged the toilet. Wait, it's too early for a nap. Crap.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I am a sucker

Ryan told me on Thursday night that he might have a new girlfriend. I think they were at the point where they were establishing (through friends of course) that they liked each other.
Today he told me they are now boyfriend/girlfriend, and that today is her birthday. He asked if I'd get her a gift. What????? Seriously???
But, hey, I'm a sucker for a) a nice Ryan and b) anything sweet. So I said....fine.
I went to Target, looked around forever, and realized that I have no clue what to buy a fifth grade girl. So I texted Ryan's friend to talk to Ryan since Ryan was at his friend's house, and he has no cell phone. I said, "What should I get her?" He texted back, "A necklace." Huh?
Well I was not willing to pay a lot for a necklace, and I was most certainly not going to buy a heart necklace. Feeling defeated, I finally said a cute little necklace that had no hearts. Get was $2! Ha!
He was happy, my pocket book was happy, and when they are broken up in a week, I won't even care.
I probably shouldn't even have done it, but I remember getting a gift from my boyfriend in the 5th grade. They were a used pair of his sister's earrings. Tacky!