Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tylenol rules

Olivia up Sunday morning with rosy cheeks and lips. When I see bright red lips, I know someone has a fever in this house. She didn't say she felt sick, but she was.
Brady cuddled with her.

Later that night, her fever spiked. I gave her tylenol which she threw up right away. So we tried the chewable ones. Those stayed down.
She woke up Monday again with a fever. I gave her more (chewable) tylenol, and we went to the clinic. See? It works!

They assumed strep, but they were out of rapid tests. So off we went to get her prescription and a coloring book.

She seemed to be doing well. Thanks tylenol!
But when it wears off.....no good.

Last night her fever got as high as 104.7. Um...no good. She started to cry that her eyes burned and her tummy hurt. Thad was working late on a case, so we just dealt with it.
Eventually the tylenol kicked in again. She bathed with Brady....and then he snuggled with her some more.

She didn't have a good night of sleep until....I have no idea. She kept thrashing around and couldn't cool down.
This morning her fever was 103. But, thankfully, tylenol has kicked in again....and Brady and Olivia are doing puzzles.

I wonder what will happen after it wears off? Thad is in the midst of flood duty and testifying in a trial. He feels bad, but hey, what do you do? Daycare is closed, because my mother in law is sick. I've used the day to do some major cleaning. I've swept the garage, vacuumed the house, do a bunch of laundry, and scrub our main floor.
I could use a nap...but first I have to go deal with the fact that Brady plugged the toilet. Wait, it's too early for a nap. Crap.

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Vicky said...

Have they told you to try piggy backing tylenol and motrin? I did that once when Colton ran a high fever on and off for a week. It was just a virus and he got nothing but motrin and tylenol, but they worked in not letting his fevers get so high and then he was more comfortable. Anyway, hope she is feeling better by now- so tough to see them that sick!