Sunday, July 15, 2012 far

To say that this summer has been busy is a huge understatement. I don't know if we've ever been going non stop the way we have this summer. I'm not complaining. I won't share all the things we (I) have had going on, but there have been work commitments, family travel, BASEBALL, Thad's 20 year reunion, etc.
This is marked the "kick off" to our summer--a weeklong trip to Florida. I am itching to go back. I want to retire here.

A LOT of baseball (and tball). This will likely be Olivia's one and only year playing. But Brady sure enjoys getting to play too!

Travel baseball is an all-consuming summer sport. It's like hockey during the summer. I love it. I don't mind the heat.

For as much baseball as Ryan plays, he finds the time to golf *at least* 18 holes a day. If there is no golf, he'll do more. His energy is insane. I know understand why boys weren't half as interested in us girls when we were his age.

I have thoroughly loved watching my 'baseball boy' blossom as a player. While coaching Olivia's team this year, I have watched a little boy who reminds me of Ryan at the age of seven. Then I look at Brady, who is the unofficial baseball mascot. He LOVES the kids, the game, and sits and watches the games. If he's not watching, he's off to the side acting out the moves he sees.

The boys treat Brady like royalty. Ryan and his friend use some bizarre lingo. For awhile Ryan has called Benny. None of us in our house even hear it, because we just tune out Ryan's 'talk.' Low and behold, though, we have realized that Ryan's teammates don't say "Brady!" They call him Ben or Benny. Go figure.

The girls aren't really fairly represented in any pictures. My girls are doing well. Kate is just blossoming. Sometimes I catch myself looking at her wistfully. She is now ten. Her look is changing....she's growing up.

Olivia is seven. She isn't aggressive at all with baseball. She has enjoyed playing with friends, prefers to swim everyday, and is still my emotional child.

Moorhead hosted the state baseball tournament this weekend. Our first two games were big wins. We took down Baxter easily. We moved on to Waite Park, where we won 13-0.
Next up was Bemidji. They got us...and got us good. It was a double elimination tournament, so we weren't out. In fact we had to play Waite Park again today, and it was another decisive victory. Unfortunately one boy badly hurt his knee and gave us a scare. He was taken to the ER, and the boys resumed play.
Next up? Bemidji. But even if we beat them, we would have to play them again, tomorrow....
The start of the game wasn't looking so good. In fact after two and a half innings, 90+ degree temps, and knowing Brady must be exhausted, I wrestled him home so he could nap. Within a minute or two of leaving the texts started rolling in: Ryan got a grand slam!\ We are up one! Ryan is pitching awesome! Crap the other team scored! We are going into extra innings! After innings 7 & 8 were played with no score, Thad texted me, "Wake him up and get here."  So I woke up a deep sleeping Brady, who was covered in sweat, told him the boys were still playing, and we had to go. Luckily he gave me a huge smile...
As we ran into the stadium, I heard cheering...for the other team. Bemidji scored. They won. Those boys played their hearts out, and we were all so proud. I know that they are proud of themselves too.