Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to reality

Vegas was great! Our six-some (give me a better word) had a blast again. Six is a good number. Anything over that gets too big. It's tough enough saving seats by the pool, gambling together, getting seats for a show, and eating together. The plan is to go again next year....right Kara?!
Highlights include: Jersey Boys (my third time--best show ever!), Carrot Top (hilarious show I swear), laying by the pool every day, BARE pool which was super cool, seeing Luis again at the MC after two years, seeing Leonardo, getting my makeup done by the daughter of one of the founders of Benefit cosmetics, sharing my birthday with good people, eating on the Terrace at the Bellagio, eating tons of olives, fried pickles, and once again, being with five other fun people.
I am clearly the biggest dud of the group. I don't stay out half as late. I napped two days, and I didn't drink much. Oh well. Want to see some pictures? Click here
Oh, there are some other pictures too....enjoy! Disregard the last two. They are intended for Ria...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dance camp & family visit

Above are some pictures from my AWESOME cousin Mike and his daughter Jasmine's visit to Fargo/Mhd. My uncle John came too. My children were educated Ingersoll style. The big kids also took in Fort Abercrombie (where our grandparents lived), the Hjemkomst center, and the cemetery. They learned a lot and had a ball. Cousin Mike even put the three oldest kids up for a night at the Holiday Inn on his own dime. The next night, he did the same for Erin's kids. Wow!
They are such great people.....family rules.
Then my sister in law came up. More fun was had by all.
On Saturday after three days of bussing back and forth to DL for dance camp, we watched them perform. Olivia cried a couple of times a day. I think she may have been too young in hindsight, but she said she had a lot of fun.

Oh and can you believe I actually got a picture with my big boy? I love that boy sooooo much, but he usually doesn't let me come within a few feet of him. Then again, having more time to spend together this summer has helped us.
I can't forget those god awful chunks of metal on my teeth. They come off next Monday. As in the day my hubby and I leave for VEGAS. I have been gone too much. This trip is much needed for Thad who has been working like crazy AND is still trying to pass a kidney stone. While we are there, I will be turning 34, going to two shows, AND dining on the terrace of Olives at the Bellagio overlooking the lake....ahhhhh I can't wait.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So much to wrap my mind around

Last week was one of the most educational and enriching weeks of my life. The first night was tough for me. I was pretty homesick and knew no one. By the end, I was sad to leave Richmond, which is absolutely beautiful. I was sad to leave my new friends--all who teach history, all who chose to be there, and all who share an enjoyment and appreciation for learning. Don't worry, they were a lot of fun too! I even stayed up until 1:30am with a group of people the last night drinking a few beverages. Go me!
Returning home was great, don't get me wrong, but it's tough to switch gears so quickly. I have been away a lot this summer. I have felt tremendous guilt, but overall in the ten and a half years I have been a parent, I have hardly left. I definitely plan to apply for something next year. Thankfully Thad has been a great supporter of me.
Anyway back to switching gears. I got home late Thursday night. I couldn't sleep, so I was pretty tired on Friday. Friday/Saturday at 3am, Thad got paged out. The next day he was paged out at 12:45. Without all the details, he put in around 26 hours of overtime between Friday-Sun. What a quick way to get back into single parent mode.
This week is busy as well. My cousin Mike came to visit with his daughter Jasmine, and my Uncle John. Mike is a single father and a hell of a good one at that. Single parenting in general is a lot of work, but I give major props to him. He is a typical Ingersoll, that's for sure. I was quickly reminded where my family gets our sense of humor. My kids learned some new words too! Kate was sobbing uncontrollably tonight at the thought of not seeing her cousin Jasmine for a long time.
Tomorrow the girls begin a three day dance camp in Detroit Lakes. My sister in law is coming this weekend. Ryan has baseball. It will be busy, but I am so grateful to have our days filled with activity, family, and friends.
No pictures tonight, sorry. I have to upload them, and sometimes the thought of it makes me tired.