Saturday, April 28, 2007

The joys of summer weather

Ahhhh there is nothing better than a weekend with sunshine, warmth, and time to relax. Sure the house was neglected, but so what? We got to watch the kids play, Ryan had a soccer game, and enjoy our friends who we see all the time when it's nice out.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog readers....

Maybe someday those of us who are reading & commenting on each others' blog should all get together!
Just a thought.....
Seriously, isn't it funny how some of us are connecting through this form of communication? For example, AJ and I had lost touch over the years. Now I know so much about her life and family. I can say that if she and I met up somewhere in person, I wouldn't be hearing her true thoughts of life, family, and love.
Same with you Jenay...I love seeing your kids and all their stages of development. Ria....I talk to you more than the other two, but I really know more about your life through the blog.
It's flattering for you all to share your experiences with me as well as your other friends and families.
Go you!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our weekend

This past weekend was busy for us! Melissa came into town to see Elli's baby Sam. We planned to meet at Red Lobster! Have I mentioned that I obsess over their cheddar/garlic biscuits? Before I left, Ryan came in the house with a bloody mouth. He fell off a neighbor's bike. He had a fat lip and scuffed his elbows and chin. Don't worry, he is fine.

Then I brought Kate to a birthday party. During that two hour block we went out to look at new minivans. We ended up buying a newer one! Olivia got a little bored during our time there so she decided to hang out at someone's desk.

Then we spend the evening at Elli's for supper. Isn't little Sam adorable? My kids sure thought so. Olivia was attacking him! Thad took the kids home and we hung out for awhile. I do not spend much time with my girlfriends. Work, children, and the craziness of life prevents me from making it happen as much as I should. The beauty of it is that with these girls, that time does nothing but make me love them more and more. We have been through so much together! I am so thankful that we all still have one another, even if we don't get to spend much quality time together.

I look forward to watching baby Sam grow up as well as Melissa's July baby! I love you girls!

Kindergarten open house

Kate had Kindergarten open house tonight at school. She met her teachers and received crayones, scissors, a water bottle, and a kindergarten book. She enjoyed meeting the teachers and seems excited to begin kindergarten this fall!
Olivia enjoyed running all over the place. She made herself at home in the classroom.

Meanwhile, Ryan was at soccer. He coaxed his Grandma Jo to take him to Burger King afterward AND the Tastee Freez!

Monday, April 23, 2007


My sociology students just completed our chapter on Culture. The last essay question on the test asked, "Is there anything in our culture that you dislike?" The overwhelming answer was that Americans focus WAY too much on money. Students wrote how people always want bigger and better items, put more time into work than family, or that kids feel that they are always being judged based on what they have...or don't have.
Not only was I impressed with their answers but I also completely agreed. I too am guilty of the "money" issue. I always yearn for more money, or at least the things that more money can get me: a roomier home, family vacations, the lack of stress about upcoming payments, etc. I hate how I see others living and I wonder, "How can they do that? That item costs A LOT of money!"
Growing up, we didn't have Ipods, cellphones, cable (back in the day), or more than one vehicle. We survived too! My parents always stressed that you really can't afford to buy something that you can't pay off at the end of the month. So why the need to "have more?" It's a shame really. A foreign exchange student from Poland can't believe the overall lack of values that Americans have that truly matter in life.

I feel quite good about the values that we instill in our children, but I am not in denial. Our kids are hearing us talk of money, wanting updated items, and I am sure it is being absorbed into those little impressionable minds. Hopefully other important values will prevail!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Kate

Kate does not enjoy getting dolled up as often sa she says she does. After a trip to Kohls and Old Navy last weekend I was able to get a few pics of her "look."
She is growing so quickly. Tomorrow is her Spring preschool program. This is it for preschool until Olivia starts up....oh how time flies!
I will put up some pics from her program in the next few days!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's never too early to plan for your birthday!

This morning Kate decide to make a birthday list. Okay so I encouraged it a know how I love birthdays! So here is her list: I will retype them...

1. Doodle Bear

2. Tatoos

3. Wake Me Up Puppy

4. Jewelry

5. Sky Fly Dancers

(she also added these after I took the picture)

6. Frogs

7. Poop Out Doggy (?)

Ryan, not wanting Olivia to feel left out, made a list for her too.
Her birthday is coming up before Kate's anyway:
1. Toy Baby
2. New Elmo Jammies
3. Dora Hat
4. New Dora Movie
5. A Dora Shirt
6. Dora Tatoos
7. Puppy (I think he wants that)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Interesting Read

For those of you who watch the news, you are aware of the "Don Imus Issue." I just read this interesting editorial on the New York Times website. It is written by Harvey Fierstein. He makes an interesting point. Maybe the moral of this fiasco is that NO ONE should be bashing people for how they look, what they wear, or what they choose to do with their life as long as it isn't causing harm...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

T-2 Months....

Two months from today we should be in Florida! I can not tell you how excited I am for our family vacation this year. This has been a very long winter. Between the cold temperatures, constant illnesses, and day to day stress of life, I think about our trip daily.

Last year when we went to Florida, we had no intention of hitting Disney. Jo finally talked us into it saying that, "You can't go to Orlando and not go to Disney." So we we are hooked! It is the such a happy & fun place. The food is great...the kids smile constantly...the memories are endless.

As most of you know, the Ingersoll's idea of a trip is one to the bathroom. We didn't go anywhere when I grew up. I had no idea what I was missing! Now, of course, I am aware of the cool sites to see. My mom is coming too, and I am so thrilled for her. I can't wait to watch her enjoy life outside of Moorhead...

So for the next two months, I will have Disney, swimming pools, heat, sunshine, and all things Florida on my mind!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Nineteen Minutes

If you are looking for a good read, check out Jodi Picoult's latest book:
Nineteen Minutes. I bought it because I loved "My Sister's Keeper," and this one is proving to be just as good.
If you haven't read her books, she takes on heated topics and tells them from everyone's perspective. It's perfect for someone like me who is so not "black and white."

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Our week

Our two weeks without Daddy is coming to a close. He will be here late tomorrow night. I have actually enjoyed my alone time with the kids. I find that I have much more patience when I have no one else to help out. I also give up on the house (more than I normally do) to just enjoy them & hang out.
Ryan & Grant took part in our church tenebrae service tonight. It was very cool--other than when Jesus was on the cross Olivia kept saying, "Hi Jesus!" only it sounded like "Hi Cheesy." It was a serious moment of course, and she was the only one making a sound. Go figure....
Kate told me today that she learned in preschool that "A long, long time ago when people died they were really stinky. So when Jesus died they gave him spices to smell good." Hmmmm...
As for me, tomorrow I am having my first ever massage. My mom got me a gift certificate for Christmas. I have always been a little afraid to try it, but right now I am feeling ready for it. After that I am having my hair colored! Yippee!
On Friday we are heading down to Sioux Falls to watch a couple of Spuds play hockey for a Jr. league team. We are going to be staying at a hotel with the Christian's. (one of the player's) It will be fun to get away, swim, and do something for once.
I have not done one thing for Easter. Obviously I have to get going because this is the mother's job! I don't believe in buying Easter dresses most of the time because it's always freezing! It just seems like such a waste. The kids can't wear them. If they do, they are so dang cold! Not to mention, my kids get them stained right away. So it will be a low key holiday.
Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

This is the face....

...of a mother who is ready to lose it. Thad was back for about 40 hours this weekend. During that time, all was well in the Stafford home. Approximately 10 minutes after he left, Olivia had an 'episode' due to her antibiotics. Let's just say we have yet another stain on our carpet, and I am glad that we have leather couches. Ugh!
Two hours after he left, Kate began complaining of a sore throat and chills. As you can see in the photo, Kate is not a happy camper.
Luckily Grandma Jeanne is willing to watch Kate tomorrow so I am not a complete ghost at work.....

All I have to say is, at 8pm tomorrow night, I better be able to watch the finale of my favorite trashy tv show: "I Love New York" on VH1!