Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I did it!

Did I do anything earth shattering? Well...no, but I did finally bake my first ever chicken. It took ten years of marriage, three children, and a summer vacation to get the courage to try it. Everyone was right: it is easy. I think I could even do it during the school year. For some reason, I have had this vision of hours of slaving, seasoning, and doing whatever it takes to make a good chicken. Ha!
In other news, Olivia and I went to Pout Baby Boutique today. We picked up a 1st birthday present for my friend Melissa's daughter Emerson. What a cute store! I saw lots of fun things that I could use when our baby arrives. If you haven't gone yet, check it out. Thanks again Kris for removing the tags, putting it in a cute bag, AND using cute tissue paper. I can cross gift wrap off the list!
We will be heading to the cities this weekend to celebrate Emmy's birthday. What should be a weekend away by myself will be a family trip now. Melissa's parents will be there from AZ, and I want my kids to see them again. It might be a little stressful, but the goal is to have the fun override the rest.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This past weekend Thad and I went to the Cully's Kids events. We had a great time getting out, but I will say that Thad was hurting quite a bit on Saturday. We took the kids to the picnic the next day too. It was a good opportunity to discuss how lucky they are to have good health, etc. Olivia was quite overdue for her nap, so she wasn't in the mood for a photo op.

Saturday night, we celebrated my birthday a day early as Thad left town Sunday for Sioux Falls for the week. We had CAKE & played Norwegian golf/ladder ball/blongo ball (whatever you call it).

On my real birthday--Sunday--the neighbor kids decorated the front of our house. It was pretty sweet, so I have to share a picture of that too. That evening we ate at my mom and dad's...nothing too exciting, but just the way it should be.
As you can tell by the pictures....I am packing on the poundage. Lovely huh?
By the way, congratulations to AJ. I hear she has had her baby, and I think we share a birthday! Yeah!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The mystery continues...

For the first time in all my pregnancies, I actually passed the glucose tolerance test!! So, now I really don't know what to think regarding the sex of the baby. The heart rate yesterday was 150--higher than the other three kids--so I am absolutely clueless. I am measuring right on, gaining weight b/c I am eating like a pig, and all looks good!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby name help?

A special thank you to my neighbor Elizabeth for the wonderful recipe. The family loved it! (Except for Olivia who sat at the table for over 30 minutes before taking five bites) I switched a few things for us, but if anyone wants the recipe, let me know.
NOW: Thad and I have no clue about baby names. We haven't really discussed it, because he and I don't do well in this field. Whenever I say a name, he makes fun of it--boy or girl. So I am asking you all to offer up some names you like.
Here is my criteria:
1. We prefer simple or classic names. Growing up as Bonnie and Thad has caused us to not want anything unique. Thad is especially a stickler on this. He was referred to as Tad, Chad, Matt, or Todd.
2. We prefer to stick with a name where if you name it that name, he/she will be called that. Example: we purposely didn't name our second child Katharine.........BUT obviously we have a hundred nicknames per kid.
3. Think of the "f's" in our last name. I have had a few people suggest Sophie or Sophia. Now, put Sophie Stafford together. Sounds a little "effy" don't you think?
Thank you so much in advance for your help, ideas, and perspectives. I am certain the perfect name awaits us.....

Friday, July 11, 2008

A new craving

I do not care for foods that are 'creamy' like anything with alfredo, sour cream, etc. The only time I have been able to tolerate it is when pregnant. When I say tolerate, all I mean is that if Thad and I are out to eat, I would actually take a bite.
Anyway for the last three days I have been buying the Lean Cuisine Beef Stroganoff or Weight Watchers Swedish Meatballs. Once again, I would never, ever eat this stuff otherwise.
Here is where I need your help: do any of you have a good/easy/kid friendly recipe for this stuff? I have checked allrecipes.com & kraftfoods.com but haven't seen anything that I want to try. Someone out there must have a good version of this so I don't keep spending $3+ a day to eat it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Fourth Weekend

We had a blast this Fourth of July weekend. I think this is one of my favorite holidays: Food, fun, summer, and just enjoying life with friends and family. How great is that?
Thad's sister Stacy & family came up from Indiana. We hadn't seen them since Olivia's baptism, so obviously a lot has changed in three years. Kate and Ashley were like long lost friends. Honestly it warmed my heart to watch these girls have so much fun together. Ryan and Shane also had fun together doing fireworks, playing baseball, and fishing. Don't worry, everyone enjoyed Olivia. She continually hugged Ashley during fireworks. Yesterday at the grocery store she was singing a made up song about her cousins. It was a hoot!
Sadly the fun had to end. Kate sobbed for an hour on Friday night at the realization that she was losing her new "sister." Sooooooo I did what any hormonal mother would do: booked a trip on the Amtrak for our future family of six to go to Indiana for Thanksgiving! Will it be crazy? Yep. Will it be worth it? We think so. Ryan is also pumped because he will be going with his father, cousin, and uncle to a Notre Dame football game.
On another note, I am officially in my third trimester. I am feeling great, working out, and enjoying the summer so I can rest each day with Olivia. It helps since I am sleeping like crap!