Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Fourth Weekend

We had a blast this Fourth of July weekend. I think this is one of my favorite holidays: Food, fun, summer, and just enjoying life with friends and family. How great is that?
Thad's sister Stacy & family came up from Indiana. We hadn't seen them since Olivia's baptism, so obviously a lot has changed in three years. Kate and Ashley were like long lost friends. Honestly it warmed my heart to watch these girls have so much fun together. Ryan and Shane also had fun together doing fireworks, playing baseball, and fishing. Don't worry, everyone enjoyed Olivia. She continually hugged Ashley during fireworks. Yesterday at the grocery store she was singing a made up song about her cousins. It was a hoot!
Sadly the fun had to end. Kate sobbed for an hour on Friday night at the realization that she was losing her new "sister." Sooooooo I did what any hormonal mother would do: booked a trip on the Amtrak for our future family of six to go to Indiana for Thanksgiving! Will it be crazy? Yep. Will it be worth it? We think so. Ryan is also pumped because he will be going with his father, cousin, and uncle to a Notre Dame football game.
On another note, I am officially in my third trimester. I am feeling great, working out, and enjoying the summer so I can rest each day with Olivia. It helps since I am sleeping like crap!


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Kris said...

Glad you are doing good! I can't wait to see your adorable belly again! :)

Jenay said...

Thanks for stopping over, it was great to see all of you! I wish we could of spent more time with you.

ABCDH said...

You look so cute (and I know it's annoying when people say that, but it's true!). Do you have a cabin in DL?? Also, Stacy's daughter looks just like her!
Lastly, you are truly braving it planning a trip in November!
Good luck with your 3rd trimester.

TBRKO said...

Jo's boyfriend has a cabin on Prairie Lake. Honestly we have been there maybe five times during the last ten years...but the kids had fun fishing.
Yes I am crazy, that's for sure. Nothing like making rash decisions when you are pregnant!