Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This past weekend Thad and I went to the Cully's Kids events. We had a great time getting out, but I will say that Thad was hurting quite a bit on Saturday. We took the kids to the picnic the next day too. It was a good opportunity to discuss how lucky they are to have good health, etc. Olivia was quite overdue for her nap, so she wasn't in the mood for a photo op.

Saturday night, we celebrated my birthday a day early as Thad left town Sunday for Sioux Falls for the week. We had CAKE & played Norwegian golf/ladder ball/blongo ball (whatever you call it).

On my real birthday--Sunday--the neighbor kids decorated the front of our house. It was pretty sweet, so I have to share a picture of that too. That evening we ate at my mom and dad's...nothing too exciting, but just the way it should be.
As you can tell by the pictures....I am packing on the poundage. Lovely huh?
By the way, congratulations to AJ. I hear she has had her baby, and I think we share a birthday! Yeah!


Vicky said...

Belated Happy Birthday! I am so glad you found my blog and now I found yours too... I was wondering where all the MN bloggers were hanging out! My b-day was last week... who knew we had more in common besides hockey playing boys who worship Jordy... I will be checking in!

Jenay said...

Bonnie-Happy Birthday, you look so happy in those pictures! You are at such a great place in your life.

ABCDH said...

Happy Birthday to you and....my little Laila!!!