Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I did it!

Did I do anything earth shattering? Well...no, but I did finally bake my first ever chicken. It took ten years of marriage, three children, and a summer vacation to get the courage to try it. Everyone was right: it is easy. I think I could even do it during the school year. For some reason, I have had this vision of hours of slaving, seasoning, and doing whatever it takes to make a good chicken. Ha!
In other news, Olivia and I went to Pout Baby Boutique today. We picked up a 1st birthday present for my friend Melissa's daughter Emerson. What a cute store! I saw lots of fun things that I could use when our baby arrives. If you haven't gone yet, check it out. Thanks again Kris for removing the tags, putting it in a cute bag, AND using cute tissue paper. I can cross gift wrap off the list!
We will be heading to the cities this weekend to celebrate Emmy's birthday. What should be a weekend away by myself will be a family trip now. Melissa's parents will be there from AZ, and I want my kids to see them again. It might be a little stressful, but the goal is to have the fun override the rest.


ABCDH said...

Call me to say hello. I'll email you my number.
Drive safely.

TBRKO said...

Sounds great...email me and I will. I will try to call tomorrow.