Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This one...

...has got me so wrapped around her little finger. I have always prided myself in my ability to give each of my kids equal amounts of love & attention. Looking back, I think there were some obvious line drawn in the Ingersoll household as to who connected better with each parent. Obviously we all survived and are close, but I just didn't want that for my kids.
But Olivia, oh my funny, charismatic, charming, sassy little girl is such a little love. I have felt this way about each of my children, so maybe it's her age, but she is something else.
At swimming, I hear her little voice cheerfully yelling, "Mama I am having fun at swimming lessons," above all other voices. At night she comes in to our room about 15 times saying, "Daddy don't let the bed bugs bite," or "Sweet dreams mommy," or " I am going to sleep and then have breakfast when I wake up OKAY?"
She walks up to people and says, "I am Olivia Grace Stafford Chubby Cheeks." I just can't get enough of her personality. She is a bit of a sass like me, but boy is she a hoot. I am a little nervous for her to be dethroned this fall when baby #4 comes. She has always been the obvious baby of the house. She is the queen bee, the princess, and the charmer. Just this morning I saw her hug her brother and say, "Ryan you are the best brother in the whole world."
I sure think she is the best three year old in my world.

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ABCDH said...

That is so sweet!