Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We are back from our vacation to Las now it's back to parent mode. I am going to write why Thad is such a great daddy to his children:
1. He coaches baseball for both kids' teams
2. He coaches hockey for Ryan's team
3. He coached spring and fall soccer
4. He deals with barf when the kids have the stomach flu
5. He is the tickle monster
6. He picks up many of the kids' messes
7. He has taught the kids that family is more important than anything else
8. He has a job that can be demanding of his tub, but he still makes it to most all programs, events, and just makes it work
9. Makes each kid feel special in their own way.

Now, on to MY dad...Wayne. This is why my dad is such a great dad:
1. He was so patient with me growing up. If my dad raised his voice to me, I knew he meant business, because it didn't happen often.
2. He used to take me for a burger and fries every morning in the summer early as 6am if I was up.
3. He taught me at an early age to save my money. "Don't spend money you don't have."
4. He allowed me to be me. He never once made me feel bad for being a slob, a brat, or anything else.
5. He found humor in all the bratty things I did growing up. No matter if I farted at the dinner table, belched out loud, or anything else, he smirked when my mother wasn't looking.
6. He always used to say that my #1 job was to get my education. He paid for my college, Master's degree, AND all my other courses that enabled me to get a better paycheck. He said once that maybe we could have had a lake home, but he opted to pay for his kids' educations.
7. He is the only man I know who takes pride in wearing a stocking cap in June, long underwear in May, and wears some butt ugly clothing.
8. Most importantly, he told me everyday at least 15 times that he loved me. I am proud to say that I do the same with my kids. I never once doubted his love. EVER.
**I know I don't have this quote right, but my father said at his brother's funeral years ago that the success of a man is not measured by the job he has or the money he makes. It's the kind of father he is. My dad is by far, an amazing man and father.


ABCDH said...

Oh my word, that made me cry. I really love ol' Wayne. Oh, and I love Thad too. heehee

Erin said...

You nailed it, Bonnie. Dad is fabulous. A little eccentric at times, but that's part of why we love him so much. Very touching tribute.