Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why I love Thad...& a few other things

One of the many reasons I love Thad is in this picture:Thad bought groceries today after his golf outing. He surprised us (ME!) with frosted cookies. Now, most of you know of my crazy sweet tooth, which is why I look how I do. Anyway, he chooses our cookies each for a reason:
1. Lion rhymes with Ryan
2. Kate loves frogs
3. Mommy is as pretty as a rainbow (okay he was grasping for a reason there)
4. Olivia is like a flower, but like this cookie, is crazy too.
Mine was gone in under 5 minutes. It's the little things like this that make me--and all of us women-- feel special.

In other news: My friend Melissa just facebooked me that she just saw Jeremy Piven in LA. I am so jealous. Being a teacher in Mhd doesn't afford me any exciting trips to fun cities to see famous people. Wah wah.
Olivia has a thing with nudity...she just ate supper in the buff. Yesterday, she came inside (yes from being outside) buck naked.
I went to Sex and the City last night. I loved it! Go see it!


ABCDH said...

I saw "Sex" yesterday too. Very funny stuff.

Melissa said...

I am not pregnant and the cookies made me want to cry. There is nothing better then a sweet husband who brings home treats to share.