Thursday, May 29, 2008

Okay I'll Play Too

20 years ago I:  
1.  Was in 6th grade at the then Moorhead Middle School North Campus
2.  Had a boyfriend who would dump me on my 12th birthday...but that's okay because I already had a crush on my friend Tricia's brother.
3.  Had my first kiss with this boyfriend at Skateland

10 years ago I: 
1.  Was newly married
2.  Working at Kohl's
3.  Ready to student teach & graduate

5 years ago I:
1.  Had two children ages 3 and 1
2.  Was preparing to build a new house
3.  I have no clue!

3 years ago I:
1.  Had a newborn little girl
2.  Trying to lose baby weight
3.  Getting ready to send Ryan to kindergarten & Kate to preschool

1 year ago I:
1.  Was ready for school to be done
2.  Getting ready to go to FL or a week in June with the fam
3.  Went to Vegas in August

So far this year I:
1.  Have become pregnant
2.  Went to Disney World again with the fam
3.  Am counting the days until Kate's birthday (6/4), last day of work (6/5), and Vegas (6/9)!

Yesterday I:
1.  Worked
2.  Continued to read the Barbara Walters book
3.  Did a few loads of laundry, actually hung out with Thad outside, went to Target with Olivia, bathed the girls, and snuggled with Ryan after the other kids were asleep.

Today I:
1.  Am working
2. Can't wait to eat left over taco pizza for lunch
3.  Have no clue what to make for supper

Tomorrow I:
1.  Will work
2.  Will eat a lot
3.  Enjoy my family

In the next year I:
1.  Will have another baby and try to enjoy ever last second of him/her
2.  Try to stay sane while juggling baby, kids, activities up the wazoo, and work
3.  Have a 3rd grader, 1st grader, and a preschooler


ABCDH said...

And just who was said boyfriend of the 6th grade? I believe my 6th grade boyfriend might have been gay. Oh and remember the square dance competition????

TBRKO said...

Yes I do remember the square dancing comp!! That was a hoot!
My bf (who fits the same description as you had the initials SB). I dare not say specifically case. But, he is married...but you never know. Who was yours?
6th grade was okay until your bff from 8th grade decided to hate me that year and make my life hell. AD. Member her? Sweet now I am sure, but boy was she cruel!

Anonymous said... two are funny. My boyfriend during the square dance HoDown was Jeremy Gregoire...we wore matching jean jackets and bandanas! I think we were boyfriend/girlfriend for at least two days. Yikes...we are old.

ABCDH said...

Wait a hot minute here, I think we might have had the same boyfriend Bonnie!!!
Although, by HoDown time I was with someone else - Mark what's-his-name?
Also, I didn't know AD was mean to you! That's crazy!