Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy busy

After Olivia's scary encounter Friday night, our weekend resumed as being very busy. Saturday morning Ryan had his last soccer game of the season. It was the only game I got to see as the times or weather didn't work out with the girls. Then he spent the afternoon with a soccer/hockey buddy, and then he went to a birthday party.

Kate had her final dance recital of the year. I can't say enough how proud I was of her. This dance company is very good, but most importantly, nurturing and FUN. I shed a couple of tears during her group's ballet recital to the acoustic version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
Sunday was the usual: church, groceries, and just gathering myself for the week. The last couple of Sundays I have had a yucky tummy. My new theory is that maybe the fact that I drink a few glasses of Crystal Light is causing this. Next weekend I plan to avoid it. If I am good, then it might be worth avoiding.

Today Olivia went to the ENT. Dr. Frisk is the wonderful doctor who fixed my ear last fall...He felt that she needed a facial picture done. So, off we went to Diagnostic Imaging for a CT scan. I commend the gals who deal with little rascals like Olivia, get them to lie still, and stay sane. We hope to hear back tomorrow from the doctor. Let's hope she doesn't need surgery!
Oh, and here I am at twenty weeks....can't forget that growing belly that is causing me A LOT of sleep deprivation already!


Anonymous said...

Poor Olivia! My heart aches when I see her pictures. She is in my prayers.

Bonnie, I don't know how you do it all...busy kids and being pregnant and working full-time. You are my hero!


ABCDH said...

Bon, that goes for me too - you definitely have it all together.
And that poor Olivia - seeing her like that breaks my heart. What a trooper though.
You look GREAT and I can't help but laugh at your tears during the dance recital. What don't I cry about these days???

TBRKO said...

Okay well you should all see our PIT of a house. And this morning, Thad and I pulled the ultimate parenting "no-no" by arguing loudly in front of the kids. We fought about our house being a mess. I won't say who thinks they do too much and the other doesn't do enough. If you really know me you can guess.
And I certainly have melt downs, get pissy, and etc. A few cute pics of the kids is NO reflection on how I or any of us do it all.
Yes....I am anxiously a phone call from the Dr....

ABCDH said...

You have inspired a post.