Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Communion

Ryan celebrated his First Communion this weekend. He was so excited--it was very touching. He really took the whole experience to heart. Here are some pictures from the big event. Sorry that the family picture is so blurry...where is Ria when we need her?!?!
We had a full house last night between family, friends, and Ryan's religion teacher, and the Priests. It was a great time. We are very blessed to have such good people in our lives.
I also added one of the cake. I spent hours searching for the perfect cake to order. Yes it's another one of my quirks. The cross is actually fondant! YUM!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

ABCDH said...

I still can't believe you're a mother to a child who is almost as tall as you!
You look great. Cake looks delish.

TBRKO said...

He was standing on a step...he's not that tall--yet!