Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our three stooges

Kate and Olivia are goofballs. They love to listen to the "Happy Feet" soundtrack and dance their little hearts out. It is so fulfilling to watch them be so happy together.

The fun for the girls is carrying over to bedtime these days. Olivia's new bedtime words are "Bed...Teetie (katie)...Bed...Teetie." We are giving them a chance. So far it is not working so well. Lots of deep belly laughs are coming from the room. I took the photo in the dark while I tried to get them to settle down. You can guess how successful I was.
As I was typing this Ryan ran down to show me what happened when he was brushing his teeth: another tooth fell out! His mouth is a little bloody, but that didn't stop the excitement!

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