Sunday, January 14, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I took some cute pictures this weekend, but our "USB port" isn't working...huh? So I need to work on that. We have had a nice weekend. I had a jewelry show on Friday night. Yesterday Thad and I looked at flooring to replace our horrible laminate. Kate had figure skating and a dance recital. Ryan had a hockey game. We went out for supper last night. All in all it was a fun weekend to be together.
We are off to another of Ryan's game right now, and then to my parents' for supper. I am sure some funny stories will come from the next couple of hours' events!
If I could have put up pics, it would have been of:
Kate's recital
Ryan's popcorn dinner he made for Thad last night complete with a placemat, glass of water, and a breath mint for afterward!
The house. Ryan had an urge to clean and vacuum! What a guy.
Stay warm!

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Michael said...

It's probably "Operator Error". Ha just kidding. Hurry up and get those pics up!