Sunday, December 6, 2009

All in one day...

We survived: Kate's dance performance, Ryan's hockey game, Olivia's performance, and even had dessert to celebrate Ryan's birthday.
I wish I could post past pictures of my once upon a time little baby boy Ryan. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner, and Ryan was born pre-digital camera. I remember Ryan's birth like it was yesterday. I even got a little misty eyed in the ER last week waiting for my xray results. The smell of the hospital brought me back to the four times I have stayed there. Only those time, I got to snuggle with precious tiny miracles.
It's just so hard to believe that I have a child in the double digits.....
Ryan's team hadnother a game in Grand Forks today. I had two full hours in the car to work on school work! His team lost (again), but at least he is having fun. We even made a pre-game CD to pump up his teammates with.
My foot is feeling better. It's pretty bruised, but it's been okay getting around (illegally) with just the mini boot they gave me. I didn't use the crutches today. They SUCK. I am hoping that when I go to the podiatrist tomorrow, he will just throw me in a walking boot.
This last picture is of my two babies. Brady and Maggie, for the most part, have become rather close. They like to watch Baby Mozart together. Brady says "pup pup" a lot too.


Anonymous said...

Very busy weekend for you guys!

I love the picture of Brady and Maggie together! And, the fact that they are such good buddies! Very sweet!


Vicky said...

Both girls beamed yesterday when I asked them about their recitals. I'm glad to see photos of them now. Me too, love the last photo of Maggie and Brady, very cute! Anxious to hear how your dr, apt. goes!