Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remember when?

The days leading up to Christmas used to drag. The presents would call my name, asking me to shake them to predict what they were. The dishes couldn't have been washed any more slowly--a sure prank on my family's behalf to torture me. And, of course, you had to wash the dishes prior to opening presents right?
Today, Christmas springs up on me. It's a rat race. Each year I have grandiose plans to make the holiday more special than last year. Maybe I will bake even more. Maybe I will decorate even more. Maybe I will make extra special gifts.
Instead of pining for the days on the calendar to change, I now feel like I am along for a speedy car ride. The brakes will slam, and there Christmas will be.
Life in general is a lot like that. Serioulsy, just have children, and life suddenly flies by. Wow

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Erin said...

Man, you said it, Bonnie. I can't believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow.