Saturday, December 19, 2009

past due?

I guess it's been awhile since I have posted an "it only happens to us" story. Here goes...I think you will find it worth the read.

3:45--Thad and Ryan come home from Ryan's (victorious) hockey game. Brady who was sleeping in my arms, awakened feeling very hot. He was overdue for tylenol, so I asked Thad to also bring the themometer. He went in yesterday and is being treated for an ear infection. His fever has not gone away though. Sure enough, under his chubby little baby arm it registered at 104.1. When you add the extra degree as you are supposed to with an underarm check, I felt a surge of anxiety: 105.1. Thad and I decided to take him in--fast.
5:00--Leave the doctor. His blood work came back good, fever was slowly going down, and we are just watching him. We head to pick up Olivia from my mom and dad's. Wayne invites us for dinner...Erin's family is headed over with KFC.
5:30--Arrive with Kate and Brady. Thad is shortly behind us. Start eating. Ross is in a BAD mood. "Don't talk to me" was his line. He said his tummy hurt. He tried to use the bathroom unsuccessfully. Crying set in.
5:50--Ross throws up in my parents' entryway. Kris found the closest place with no carpet.
5:55--Thad takes the girls to leave. I am shortly behind him.
6:00--Brady poops. I grab a diaper, wipes, and take him to the kitchen. My dad leaves the room (he hates diapers). I take off his diaper, open up the wipes, and realize that the wipes are actually a container holding toys.
6:03--Run to the bathroom to grad wipes. Ross is bathing.
6:03--Go to the kitchen. See poop smeared all over the floor and on Brady. Guess he had more to get out!
6:04--Start laughing that this crap (no pun intended) only happens to us.
6:05--Fill up the sink with soap and water. Bathe Brady, clean the floor, and get him dressed to leave.
6:10--Brady and I leave
6:15--Gilletts leave
6:45--Call my mom. Tell her good job on that new dark carpet she chose. Encourage her to watch The Hangover tonight. I would, but we watched it last night.


Anonymous said...

How did you survive Ross throwing up? Were you in high anxiety mode after that?


Vicky said...

Never a dull moment! Hope Brady is on the mend. Yes, how did you manage the vomit episode?

Anonymous said...

Wayne was ok with the vomit, but not the diaper? When it rains it pours! I hope Brady's fever is gone.

TBRKO said...

Steph he totally avoided it all. he is no better than me, but I think he tries to hide it. He made himself scarce.
Btw, I had bathroom issues all night after that to let you know how I dealt with it .....

ABCDH said...

Hahaha...gross! AND, I need to see the Hangover!

Be the change you want to see in the world... said...


Kris said...

Seriously the Hangover is the FUNNIEST movie ever. If it makes you feel any better, I was up all night with a sick Lucy (who I just found out has bronchitis) and because I was stuck, Dominic's girlfriend was my ONLY option for childcare today. Now THAT would ONLY HAPPEN TO ME!