Monday, December 13, 2010


Ryan (& Thad who is always with Ryan at hockey) came home with his team pictures. I think they are pretty cute. It's frightening how much money we spend each year on pictures for each kids' activities. After doing this for several years, I now have the goal of displaying all of these photos at their graduations. Those of you who know me also know that I struggle keeping track of things, so this likely won't happen.
The black/orange jersey is for his travel team. The blue is the in-house team. Squirts are the busiest two years in hockey (so they say) because of being on two teams. Compared to last year, I would argue that this year (his second year as a squirt) is much busier. He has practice every day this week other than Wednesday. Sometimes (normally on Thursdays) he has practice for both teams back to back as well as dryland. Good god! If I am correct, he has another four games this weekend too.

Here is my obviously uncooperative child Ryan who gave me his 'nicest face.' Ha. He is too cool for school and his mother.

**If you enlarge the blue team picture you will see Thad's photo as well.

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Vicky said...

I thought there photos looked great! Our schedule does seem to be more intense this year, but maybe I was just more overwhelmed and not clued in last year since we were all so busy just trying to figure out what we were doing? Who knows... its just a lot, thats for sure!