Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Katester

Kate had another performance this weekend. She is taking a second class this year--jazz. Seriously how cute are those uniforms? Here are some pictures with her friend Kailee. Fast forward about 25ish years, and you have Bonnie and Jenny doing the same stuff!
Oh and this morning, Kate told me she drew my portrait. I think you will all enjoy looking at how my daughter sees me. She pointed out that she made a point to give me moles too. Thanks Kate!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kate!

Maybe she needs her eyes checked. Last time I looked you didn't have those moles.


Be the change... said...

That is too funny! I want a girl that can wear cute dance outfits.

Vicky said...

Super cute, she definitely has the personality to pull of the outfit!

ABCDH said... it :-)