Monday, March 16, 2009


We are back from the tournament. The buzz in the air reminded me what a big deal this is to so many people. From the games, to the people, fans, cheers, and memories, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. Even if you aren't a hockey fan, you would be impressed with the Xcel Energy Center being filled to capacity to cheer on high school kids playing a sport they love.
I would say that 80% of our hotel was Mhd people. I saw many old friends, parents of the players (& my students), some of my own students (who I don't think liked being stuck in an elevator with me the morning after a rough night!), and all the little kiddos out playing. Ryan enjoyed the freedom of running around with his hockey buddies & playing floor hockey. Kate, Kailee, and Olivia had fun too! The kids swam, ran around, giggled a lot, and enjoyed life.
Our family did some shopping at the MOA. If you read this strictly for entertainment, this part is for you! We were at the mall putzing around. Brady has had severe diahrrea from antibiotics. We start to change Brady's diaper. He has leaked through everything. We have NO spare clothes in the diaper bag. Oops. I take him naked to the gap for a new outfit. Only we would be ill prepared.
Let's see...what else? Olivia made friends with every cab driver we had. One even gave her his bag of chips that he got from Subway. I can't think of any other horror stories off the top of my head, but I am certain there are more.
Some of the extra special highlights:
1. Seeing AJ! That's her holding our oh so special hanky from1994!
2. Seeing Melissa! And Emmy! And Bo! Oh and Henry and Harper! Melissa and I laughed our tails off looking at old high school pictures.
3. Seeing so many old faces! That in itself was a highlight.
4. The reception for the Spuds was at our hotel. The entire building was filled with cheers at 11pm Saturday night. These sad boys were uplifted I am sure. Of course we were trying to get our kids to bed. We let Kate and Ryan go out for awhile. I got to give/get lots of hugs from the players, have a drink (gasp), and visit with others. My friend Ria's daugher "K" was gracious enough to go to our room to make sure the little ones were okay. She is my new favorite little gal who I can't wait to have babysit!
5. I finally bought bedding!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want to know how much I spent. Thad wasn't too happy, but he'll survive.
6. Ryan was on tv!!!!!!!!! It was during the Thursday game. Very cool
7. Trent Johnson, a Spud player, won the Herb Brooks award. Trent is a great kid. He lost his mother to cancer when he was a freshman. I had him as a sophomore, and I can honestly say that he is quite deserving of this honor.

**I guess after the expense of this weekend, another trip to Florida will have to wait. Oh well, Thad and I have Vegas in August!


Ben said...

Been there, done that on the whole diaper/no spare clothes incident... once was in a Target parking lot after feeding when the l'il boo promptly hurled all over herself and her mother... both quickly got a change of clothes...

"The best-laid plans of mice and men/often go awry"

Melissa said...

Sounds like fun!!

ABCDH said...

It was SO good to see you - and your clan!
And that's a horrible picture of me, but the hanky is pretty funny.

Dr. J said...

Sounds like a truly great time! State hockey is one of the many things I miss about MN.

Vicky said...

So glad you had fun too! There were so many Moorhead people there, every time I turned around I'd see someone else. The boys are already asking if we can go next year :)