Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring "Break?"

I have to smirk when I hear that we are on a break. All you moms out there know that when school is not in session, life is no less busy. Everything gets crammed into this small chunk of time. This week we have: orthodontist appt, doctor appt, dance, ice show practice, ice show dress rehearsal, ice show, emergency doctor appt, and my special one, an appt with a professional organizer.
I have not caught up on my sleep since this weekend. Poor Brady was still feverish yesterday so I brought him to his pediatrician. His ear is getting better, but the doctor thinks Brady has been suffering from RSV this whole time. This would explain the cough, wheezing, and fussiness. Needless to say, I feel horrible to bringing him to the cities for the weekend. Bless my mother's heart for saying just the right words to me, "But he was probably held more there than he would have been at home." So true mother, and thank you! Kind little thoughts sure put me at peace. Mr.B is still kind of miserable even though he keeps on smiling. He has learned to tolerate Tylenol at least through this process!
Ryan also hit a wall yesterday. He went outside at 9:45 to play hockey. At about 2:30 he started coming in to the bathroom on a regular basis. After the 5th trip, I told him to stay in. He got in the tub, and camped out all night. This morning, thanks to a screaming baby brother, he was up by 7am feeling fine.
Since I am on spring break, I will resume work on my endless laundry, pick up endless dishes, make the Target trip, and continue to "break!"


Vicky said...

What a trooper Brady is! He may not have felt the best but he didn't look like he was miserable when I saw him :) I hope he is back to his cute and happy self soon.

No, not a "break" with kids. So true!! See you at the ice show :)

Erin said...

Man, you said it! Poor Brady--I hope he starts feeling better soon. But as for you, remember that you and Thad are AMAZING parents and wouldn't do anything but the best for your kids.