Saturday, March 21, 2009


I told you the other day about Melissa, the amazing professional organizer. I learned so many useful tips from her. After I heard them I felt like slapping my head and saying, "Duh! That is so obvious." I must not be inclined to think in an organized fashion. It's odd though, because I keep our lives organized by knowing who has to be where & when. I plan meals for the week, manage doctor appointments, and do other things that require mental organization. It's the actual physical organization I stink at.
There is more to this story though: When I contacted Melissa I said, "I want to maximize the use of space in my home in a decorative way." As she entered my house, we both realized that I had many things available to be more organized, but somethings weren't quite right. She contacted me later that first evening to tell me that she had a friend who would be willing to help me decorate as well. I jumped on to that opportunity faster than you can say "organize."
Amy came over Thursday. She looked at the sad reality of my house: disaster. This is what she and Melissa pulled off between the two of them yesterday...

Well since I have tried to upload the after pictures four separate times now, I am going to give it a enjoy the madness of this OLD look & tune in soon to see the rest!


Anonymous said...

Even though I have seen the finished product in person, I can't wait to see the after pictures posted! It looks great!


Melissa said...

Annoying! Get the new ones up woman, I am anxious to see!