Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some sarcasm for this Saturday

**Note to you faithful readers: I felt like writing something different for a change. I am actually in a good mood. Take it with the standard "whatever" Bonnie humor. Really I am as happy as any other day! :)

--I just love waking up knowing that we have lots of stuff to do on a Saturday. Nothing like being busy all weekend!
--I love taking my six year old daughter shopping. We are like two parallel lines when it comes to fashion taste. There is never an ounce of bickering.
--After the kids are tucked snug in their beds for the night, I just love the burst of energy I feel. Thad and I jump into our daily in depth discussions.
--I am so grateful that each time I say something, my kids respond with, "Okay mom. Sure. No problem."
--I love how quickly the laundry piles up at our house. That's the perfect way to spend my already busy weekend.
--My iron will for not eating more than two muffins really paid off this morning. In no way did I eat a third.
--I hate a quiet house. I prefer screams, tantrums, fights, shouts, and the sound of pounding feet on the floor above me.
--I love Spongebob
--The years of telling my kids to be kind to one another has really paid off. I no longer hear, "You're so mean, You are a jerk, You're ugly, DON'T, and especially not MOM...(enter name) hurt me."
--I just love how every week I try on an old piece of clothing hoping it will fit, and it never does.
--I love negativity. It's SO uplifting.
--I love hypocrisy. I love how some people are never wrong.
--My sole purpose for reading facebook is to see people who are 'fringe' friends spew hatred toward Obama, democrats, and people who don't loathe homosexuality.

What things do you feel like being sarcastic about today?


Anonymous said...

I also LOVE all those things too! They are my absolute FAVORITE!


Melissa said...

I think you covered them all Bonnie-nice work! The joy just seems to overwhelm all of us some days :). Hang in there!

Kris said...

I LOVE when my lovely ex-husband gets my baby for the weekend to play and spoil her like he's the best daddy in the world. Because he TOTALLY is (the best daddy)....he'll tell you so.

Erin said...

Okay, Bonnie, Kris--thanks for the laugh! Kelly and I are sitting here in Sioux Falls enjoying your humor. Here are some things we love:
--how you can have 7000 DVDs and the children ALWAYS agree on which one to watch

--how often we hear our husbands compliment us on the time we took to look attractive: "You look stunning. I love it when you wear those shoes with that pair of jeans. And your makeup makes your skin look flawless. And your hair? It's so shiny. Thank you for investing so much effort in keeping yourself up. It really means a lot to me."

--how considerate our children are to wait until the kitchen is cleaned up before they ask for a snack. Come here; let me spit in your mouth so I don't have to dirty another cup!

Vicky said...

Ha ha! And I'll bet any second MckMama is coming to visit you too!

Hmm, I love how after a long day of being at the rink the boys come in and put their hockey bags away and takes their stinky clothes to the laundry room on their way to bed!

TBRKO said...

This has certainly made my day. Girls, let's make it a weekly thing: Sarcastic Saturdays!
I forgot about how much MY husband compliments me....priceless.

ABCDH said...

I, too, LOVE Spongebob - who, just yesterday, had an entire episode about "kicking someone's butt"

Yeah, I turned it off.

Sarcastic Saturdays - Love it!!!!