Monday, March 23, 2009


Ah the joys of technology. I think I have it figured out. I don't have time tonight, but I will need to post another picture tomorrow. It's a great organizing one, so I have to show it! But, isn't it great??????????? I love, love, love it! The kids and I have been great about keeping up our share of the work. It really doesn't take long to get things in a healthy habit. I am so excited. Again, I will say thank you to Amy and Melissa!
Due to the impending flood, Thad is working 12 hour shifts this week and is back on patrol. He isn't patrolling per se, but he is needed within the city, not doing investigative work. All this week, it will be the kids and me. We will have lots of time to bond, bicker, snuggle, heck, you name it.
The rain is pouring down again. I pray that things go well for the residents up and down the valley.
If you have the time and are inclined to offer support or prayer, McMama can use your prayers.
Her baby Stellan is not doing well. My heart breaks at the thought of anyone going through this.


Jenay said...

Awesome! Where did the shelf and the baskets come from, they are perfect.

Vicky said...

LOVE IT! Where did you get the print in your dining room? And the black bookcase with the baskets, totally rocks! Can't wait to see the rest :)

Anonymous said...

It all looks GREAT!

Let us know if you need any help this week with Thad working longer hours!


TBRKO said...

Oh I forgot to tell you about my wonderful black bookcase...four years ago (I literally found out the day I brought them home that I was pregnant with Olivia Grace) I had a student build me two bookcases. I gave him a picture straight out of Pottery Barn. They were in the kids' room, but when Ryan moved downstairs, we didn't have room for his. When Amy came over, I mentioned to her. She said, yes let's use this! How about painting it black?
Enter my dear, sweet, reliable Tami who graciously painted it for me that evening AND picked up the paint.
I didn't buy any of the other stuff. The gals did, but I think the print might be from Gordman's? I saw one similar to it with different colors at Target. THe message is awesome "We tend to seek happiness when happiness is actually a choice." It is PERFECT for my home and beliefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the baskets are from Target or maybe Pier 1. That is where the prints from the living room are from.

Anonymous said...

It all looks sooo good, and I love the prints in the living room!


ABCDH said...

Poor baby Stellan - I've been keeping an eye on him the last couple of days and indeed have prayed specifically for him and his family.

Your house looks GREAT! How did you stumble upon a home organizer/decorator. Do you just give them a budget and they shop for you???

Erin said...

It's awesome, Bonnie! I can't wait to see it in person.

Melissa said...

Love it! Great choices!!

Melissa said...

Amy and I had a blast doing it...thanks for being our guinea pig!