Thursday, October 1, 2009

One year

One year ago....
--I would never have posted many of these pictures of me. I was so swollen! Now, I realize it's all part of the gift of pregnancy.
--I was ready to scream I was so irritable
--I wasn't even sure I would be induced on the first. I had to be checked at 4pm on the 30th to see if I was ready.
--I had no idea that my entire labor (including putting in the pitocin drip, breaking my water, etc) would be four hours.
--I was frightened because my epidural wasn't working. The baby was coming too fast.
--The nurse anesthetist who gave me my epidural is a friend. Her husband and I teach together. She bailed when she realized the baby was coming!
--I remember feeling sad that it all happened so fast. The baby was in my arms, and I felt like it was a dream that I woke up too early from.
--After three hours of having no name, I let Thad name our fourth and final baby...for the fourth time.
--One year ago the flood of feelings, tears, emotions, and most of all love swept me off my feet again.

A year later:
--Other than the throwing up business, I would STILL have ten more kids if we could afford it. I have always said that.
--I am sad to realize that I will never have my own baby to snuggle with, sits still in my arms, and nurses.
--I now have a baby who throws everything, flips his head back when he cries, freaks out when I change his diaper, wakes up at night just to know where are there, rips up his siblings' books and homework, gets into everything, laughs uncontrollably, makes a mess, and is incredibly happy.,
Happy Birthday Brady! Your mommy loves you more than you could ever imagine!


ABCDH said...

Oh my Gosh, why can't we get just one baby that stays 10 lbs. forever??
You are such a good Mommy. I wish I had the patience and kindness you have with your kids.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute Bonnie - it makes me realize my little girl will be a year old in 1 month....except I'm pretty content not to have any more. I don't know how you do it, but you do and you do a great job! Happy Birthday Brady!

Amanda Swenson

Dr. J said...

Happy B-Day Brady!

Kate has the same tantrum actions, throws her head back then collapses forward onto the floor with her arms outstretched. She'll be a great actress one day if that keeps up.

Melissa said...

Okay you have made me want another baby...I keep getting baby fever and keep trying to shake it off. Once again a very sweet post Bonnie. Your kids are very lucky.

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday Brady! Seriously, a year already, wow :) I could totally see you with 10 too and being totally unphased by it.

Jenay said...

Wow, what a great post. You are an inspiration and you balance the working Mom thing just fine... Don't ever doubt yourself, you are a fantastic Mommy. Happy Birthday to the big one year old!

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute to your family! You are such a great mom, Bonnie. Your family is so lucky to have you!


Erin said...

Everyone already said it all. You are an AMAZING mother, and a beautiful one all the way through pregnancy and delivery, every time. Happy birthday, little Brady!