Friday, October 23, 2009

When the going gets tough... just have to find things to smile about. This would include: my kids cuddling while a fevering Brady watched Baby Mozart, doing the girls' nails while the boys watched the Gophers, playing Memory with the whole family many times, getting to work on puzzles with Olivia, capturing a moment where Brady fell asleep in his daddy's arms, and getting a genuinely nice smile from Ryan.

No Brady is not feeling well. In fact, he has been feeling quite crummy since Monday evening. Today his fever is done, but he has been exhausted and zombie-like. I am hoping that by Monday he is back to his old self. While I am on the subject of wishing and hoping, let's hope Kate doesn't get sick either...or Thad or I.


ABCDH said...

Poor little guy :(

Vicky said...

Brady just looks sick... poor thing! Is he doing any better today? Are the rest of you doing okay now? Thinking of you all :)

Erin said...

Poor Brady--he looked better tonight, thank goodness. And what great pictures of Ryan. I love my Ry-guy!