Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from:
Brady the spider...

Olivia our Batgirl

Kate the Hippy/Flower child

And Ryan the Bleeding Skelebones...

In other news, Thad brought home a treat for our family, except for me. I consider it a trick. Thad rescued a little puppy who, without him, would be scared in the pound this weekend. I was one unhappy camper last night. On top of the cold and fever I had, I was not excited about a puppy...or at least a non bulldog puppy.

I am not a big dog person. I yellow lab/cross was not what I had in mind. Nor was a puppy when we have a house full of children, people who are running from activity to activity, and a lifestyle that doesn't seem conducive to a dog right now.
I can't win in this situation. My husband and children adore this little puppy. Thad has always wanted a dog like this. Kate has been begging for a puppy for the last few years. Ryan, has already willingly cleaned up poop. What's a mother to do?
I have decided to put my personal wishes aside and see how it goes. For now, the 'animal' as I call her, can stay. I am hoping I can develop some feelings toward this dog, but so far...we aren't there yet.
As of late tonight, we have finally agreed to name her Maggie. You see when we got her, Thad said it was a girl. After the kids went to bed last night, I didn't see what I thought to be girl parts. I told Thad this 'girl' animal is most certainly a boy. This morning, Thad talked to his sister, and she got us back on track. I guess the bulldogs I grew up with had more *ahem* pronounced parts. So Maggie it is.
Let's hope this goes well. If she isn't meant to stay in our house, I pray that we will find her a good home, and our kids will forgive us.


Amy G said...

Oh, Bonnie...she is so cute. They are very loyal, easy to train and labs are very willing to please you. Give her a chance...she will love you forever.

Erin said...

The kids' costumes were so cute! I especially love batgirl and hippy chick. ;) I was all set to work on a post this morning, but I can't find the camera.

Pout Baby Boutique said...

Love all the costumes! Good luck with the puppy, you are a brave woman.


Vicky said...

They say "rescued" dogs have an especially loving and loyal nature! She is beyonnnd adorable! I too hope you continue to keep an open mind and I have no doubt she'll worm her way into your heart!

The kids looked adorable!!

Melissa said...

You named her...that is the first step. I have a feeling she was meant to be yours. The familia looks great1

Anonymous said...

The kids are adorable in their costumes! The puppy is equally adorable. Sorry you are struggling with this. She is very lucky to have your home!


Anonymous said...

Come on Bonnie, let her stay- she is a keeper.

The kids are cute -too-. I remember when you brought Ryan over trick or treating- he had a bumble bee costume- what a cute little boy.


Kris said...

Yeah...once you name her, it's hard to turn back. She's adorable and even though she's not a bulldog I think she was probably meant to find you guys.

Ria said...

Oh Bonnie... little Maggie is just so cute. Puppies fill a house with so much LOVE! Tim felt the same way before we got Emme (probably even stronger) but now ADORES her! Lots of good lessons about unconditional love and caring for the kids too. Let her stay...

Dr. J said...

The whole key is training and you're in luck, labs are usually fairly smart and easy to train you just have to stick it out. Is Thad ready to do this? Maybe he and Ryan can make it their project together? Father/Son.

Anonymous said...

How can you not be totally and completely in love with the puppy! She is absolutely adorable! You know who to call if you need help with her ever!


Anonymous said...

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