Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's Wednesday night here in good old Moorhead. After two l-o-n-g days of school and parent/teacher conferences, I am off! I enjoyed the conferences actually. As a new teacher, I literally made myself sick with worry over them. Looking back I realize I was foolish, but I was so scared that someone would get mad at me for something. Now I enjoy them even though the days are quite long. This year I experienced something new: I have not one (as I previously thought) but two students of people I went to High School with. Small world. Both kids are great! It's pretty fun to have that happen....
As always though, we have a sick child in our house during break. Poor Ryan is our latest victim. He has the symptoms of influenza. Ryan is a tough cookie, so when he is dragging, I know he is miserable. Right now his goal is to improve by Saturday so he and his dad can see the Sioux/Gopher game at UND. I told him he would likely miss a birthday party tomorrow night. Ryan is holding out hope that he will miracuously improve by morning. I didn't have the heart to give him a reality check.
Kate had a party tonight. She has such a nice group of school friends AND a wonderful group of friends here in the 'hood. That girl is lucky.
As for the rest of us, Olivia, Brady, my mom, and I went to Red Lobster tonight. Wow was that yummy. Brady kept us busy, and Olivia talked our ears off. You might think I am kidding, but she didn't shut up once between the ride out there until going to sleep. I swear that girl never stops! We also went to Pout to buy Ross the puppy backpack for xmas. I bought Brady the monkey one. If you need a cute gift for a boy, I am telling you to get this! It's nice for a cute 'diaper bagish' type bad, but not so huge. It will be great for outings, church, and travel.
Really I had nothing to post. But, Thad is at hockey, the kids are in bed, and I told Ryan I would stay downstairs while he tried to fall asleep. I told Ryan tonight that although I was sorry he was sick, I was definitely enjoying the extra cuddles with him. Ahhh the joys of children growing up.


Pout Baby Boutique said...

I wonder what would happen if we put Isabelle and Olivia in a room together. They would have to fight too see who could get the next word in. Seriously, my kid NEVER stops talking. It's not even 10am and I feel like I need a drink.


Dr. J said...

2 Students from our grade? Wow! they started early.

TBRKO said...

One wasn't our grade...but one was!