Thursday, October 15, 2009


I can't begin to tell you how many "Swine Flu" jokes I have made since school started. Now that one of my very own has it, let me tell you it's no joke. Ryan told me on Tuesday when I picked up around 4 that he had a scratchy throat, headache, and his legs hurt. I always take Ryan's complaints seriously, because he rarely complains. Oddly, when I picked him up he was playing football. So either it hit fast or he was in denial.
So began the Motrin game. When he had Motrin in him, he was feeling pretty good. In fact, just this morning, he was hoping to get to take Motrin tonight so he could go to his friend's birthday party. This afternoon was another story. I returned from taking Brady to his one year check up to see Ryan coughing a lot, trembling, and just miserable. He was at the peak of his Motrin, so this wasn't good. I brought him in to the walk-in for fear of pneumonia or something. Nope, just good old H1N1. His fever there was 103.8. Ryan barely could stay awake while we waited to be seen.
Tonight his fever was spiking again so I tried Tylenol. He threw that up immediately. I called the nurse line to find out that his underarm temperature of 103.4 was really 104.4. I guess you add a degree. Nice huh? For now we just have to watch him. It's so scary to see someone who doesn't even sleep after being up all night with the stomach flu try and sleep. He is so restless though.
This is our experience thus far. Thank goodness school is off. I can only hope that the other kids don't get it, especially our four and one year old. We have all heard the scary stories on the news. This crap is really no joke!
This is our experience with it. If you are dealing with it too, you aren't alone....

To end this post on a happy note, Mr. Brady is a strapping 23.8 lbs! To say he is chubby is an understatement. His appointment went perfectly. The four shots were tough for him. Luckily his big sister Olivia was there to try and make him feel better. She got the flu mist while there. She also fell and hit her cheek rather hard. Can we say hectic?!?!?!?


Melissa said...

I seriously feel for you and will be praying for poor Ryan. That has to be miserable. If you need anything at all please let us know.

Kris said...

Poor guy! I'll be praying for him too and they others...hopefully NONE of you get it!