Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The resiliance of children

Children amaze me. The stomach bug hit the kids fast and furiously right after school. I am so thankful that poor Kate made it home. Without grossing you out, I can't begin to even count the number of times she got was a long evening. Nothing would stay down.
Poor Olivia started an hour after Kate. She also had a very long night.
Ryan started this morning. He hasn't been as sick, but now and then he appears quite tired and his stomach gets upset.
Imagine my surprise this morning about around 9am when I saw the kids in action. I mean really?!

They did settle down and even napped later on. Kate is pretty wiped out as is Ryan. So far Brady is the only child unaffected. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. With his size, based on what I saw with the girls, dehydration would really concern me. Heck I was worried for them last night.
Once again I am experiencing the guilt of being a working mom. The pull of work and the pull of motherhood is constant. From the outside looking in, the obvious answer is, "Duh stay home. Kids first." I know that. I get that, but I feel guilty making sub plans. I feel terrible putting my class in limbo. It's not like the kids miss me. I loved sub days. Two in a row is difficult though.
Still, I did put family first. I want everyone to take some time to get their strength back. I want to keep Brady home 'just in case.' All but two daycare kids have gotten this terrible virus within the last 24 hours, I want him on home lockdown. Oh, and did I mention that my BABY turns one tomorrow????!?!?! I want him to be healthy for his party too!
I will save the "my fourth and final baby is already one" sob post for tomorrow. Let's hope I am healthy enough to do it. ;)


Pout Baby Boutique said...

I hope the kids are feeling better soon. I can't believe Brady is going to be one already! Wow!


Melissa said...

I feel your pain with it all. I also had the mom guilts and the flu. So far Alex hasn't been affected. Happy Birthday Brady!