Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally a new post

What a crazy week this has been. Thankfully, Homecoming is over. I survived another year of coronation and parade duties. It was the second week of school, so that only added to the stress.
On top of that, Olivia brought cousin Ross to "Bring a Friend Day" at dance. They were so cute to watch. She was tickled to bring her favorite cousin along.
I finally got some pictures of Ryan at his football game. What wonderful weather for it!
Life is busy, but the hot weather has made it that much more enjoyable. Heck at the Spud football game on Friday night, we all wore t-shirts and shorts/capris. How cool is that for a change?

The kids are enjoying school. I am getting the hang of teaching ninth graders. They are a different breed. I can really tell at this age a difference in maturity level--even from sophomores. The variation between the boys is fascinating. Some boys are huge already. Others, well let's just say that they aren't there yet. Behaviorally, the boys have a way to go. Thank goodness I still have upperclassmen too. sweet baby Brady isn't much of a baby anymore. I think he is already done with a bottle. He really decided that on his own. Lately at night he takes a few drinks, throws it, and comes back to it. Unfortunately he ends up with more milk on his face and clothes than in his mouth when he does this. Last night and tonight we just gave him a sippy cup of milk. He didn't notice a difference, and there was no mess. I guess it's a good thing, but when I stop to really think about it, that is one more phase of babyhood that's over. Where did the little baby who fit perfectly in my arms go?
He reminds us so much of Ryan. He is on the go, gets into everything, yells loudly, explores like crazy, and makes us laugh a lot. Wow it's gone by way too quickly.


Kara said...

I hear you on it going fast! I can't believe that it won't be too long and Kate will be walking. She also is off all bottles. When we switched her to whole milk we put it straight in a sippy cup and she hasn't looked back.

ABCDH said...

I am always to fascinated to see the difference between your oldest and youngest.
Ryan is a boy. A real boy. And then you have this little baby boy too. It's pretty cool.
So is Brady wearing you out? I feel like Laila exhausts me every day.

TBRKO said...

Yes Brady exhausts me. At church today it was..interesting. He just doesn't stop!
Kara: we started whole milk awhile ago. Someone said that by 10 months they are okay for it. Since it's wayyyy cheaper than formula, we switched altogether a month ago.

Vicky said...

I can't believe how much Brady has grown even since I saw him last in July! A year in October, too hard to believe. I think its great you are following your natural instincts and knowing he'll do great with milk vs. formula. Ryan's baby blue jersey's look sharp.

Melissa said...

FINALLY is right. I love that Olivia brought Ross as her friend to dance. That is too dang cute. Looks like it is time for another baby Bonnie :).

Erin said...

yeah, are you gonna make it 5? If anyone can/should do it, it's you.