Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kate's Challenge

My sweet Kate is a complainer by nature. Every time she is to go to dance or skating, she whines that she doesn't want to go. She leaves happy, so I know it's a bad habit. In my attempt to kick it, I offered her a little proposal.
If Kate does not complain all year about going to dance or skating, I will buy her an American Girl doll. It seems she is the only girl in the whole wide world without one. She said it would be difficult, but she is going to go for it.
I hope it works!


Anonymous said...

That is going to be a tough challenge to make it the whole year without complaining! I hope she makes it! Good luck Kate!


Erin said...

Baby steps--every occasion that she chooses *not* to complain when she normally would is a success. Good luck, Kate!