Monday, August 31, 2009

thanks for the advice

Wow who knew that a topic such as food would get me so many responses! First of all--thank you to all of you for your tips. Vic--this is a first to hear from you. Hooray! I don't even think I knew you ever read this. (PS: Your daughter always loved healthy food....)
Anyway, the only reasons beans come up is that it's one of the more edible vegetables in our house. No one likes: peas, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, carrots (cooked or raw), or any other one I can't think of. Ryan will eat beans, Olivia will eat corn, Kate will eat one bean, and Ryan won't eat corn. Too much drama in our house huh?
I agree with Erin on the control thing. I also think that Olivia is stressing about it. For the last four days she has asked me what we are having for supper by say, oh, 11am. Then she asks if we will have beans.
I have been giving her V8 fusion (I didn't see V8 Splash), and you guessed it, tummy issues. Maybe I will go with the "eat what you can" business. Jenay I love your idea too. I told Olivia we were doing that last night, but then Thad dumped her plate!

Before I forget, tomorrow I go back to work outside of the home. I won't have access to blogger during the day (this is a new thing). That's a good thing I guess, because I get paid to teach, not blog! Anyway, if you need to get in touch with me, it's best to email my work account. I am dreading being away all day, but I am also excited for the new year for my children and for me. Change is always difficult, but it's good too.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if you know or if it even bother your, but V8 Splash had lots of added sugar, so it isn't nearly as healthy for you as the V8 Fusion.


ssne said...

Bonnie- Ethan is exactly the same as Olivia. However, he'll eat any vegetable or fruit but that is it. Meat is torture. Potatoes are hit and miss. If anything is spicier than ketchup, or has sauce on it, it's "too hot" so eggs with peppers in it, hotdishes, tacos, pizza, spaghetti, sloppy joes are all out. We do the whole "eat six more bites" (being he is six) but it's a fight all of the time. He is always "so full" but by the time he leaves the table he is asking for dessert. Dr. Welle said, "he is not starving he is growing, so whatever he eats is great- a kid will never starve if he's given food and the body will crave the kind of food he needs." Apparently his and my body crave a lot of chocolate!!