Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Non-terrific Tuesday

You can see that Ryan was in 'a mood' when this was taken.
Always posing...always dramatic
A typical day where no nap was taken.

Brady being sweet as always.
It's been "one of those weeks" around here. If it's not Ryan pushing it with his attitude, it's Kate with her 'jumpupanddownflailing' crying fits (hearing one upstairs as we speak), it's Brady's continual blueberry or peach poop blowouts in public (Target or at football practice tonight), or Olivia's "I hate everything you make for supper" whine-fests.
I look at Brady each day and fully realize that I am on borrowed time with him. In a year (or so), he will be throwing tantrums, crying uncontrollably over something ridiculous, stop eating veggies and fruits, start hitting, biting, kicking, and worst of all, stop liking me!

I want you think back to when your first born child in your arms. Think how tiny he/she was, smelled, and looked at you.
Now, slap some football pads on him, fast forward almost ten years, and that's about how I was feeling when I took this photo. What happened to my 5 lb 14 oz baby???


ABCDH said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not alone! Yesterday I was really thinking that Delaney had a DEATH WISH with her attitude and tantrums. Last night she kept asking for a banana while I was making dinner and I kept on saying no. Finally she said "I want a banana or I will spank your bottom - what's your choice?" Niiiice.
I, too, look at Laila and wish I could stunt her growth to keep her small and sweet forever.

Kris said...

OMG AJ, that's so freakin funny! And Bonnie....all of your kids are gorgeous. My sweet Lucy is just starting the switch from sweet baby to terribly sassy two-year-old. Oh, and last night she ate a band-aid in the middle of the night which got stuck in her throat! Yeah....I'm working on about 2 hours of sleep because of my sweet and sassy peanut! UGH!

TBRKO said...

Kris that is a first! Good thing she didn't choke...remember been there and done that. Not good.
I guess all of us past crazy girls are getting healthy doses of payback huh?!

Vicky said...

So true! Okay, I love Kate's dramatic flair, but what is hysterical to me is naked Brady at her feet, that is a classic photo! The football pads really make them look more mature don't they? Great post :)

Erin said...

Gosh, I love all of you for helping me remember I'm not in this craziness alone. Kate and Olivia totally crack me up--I think Olivia and Grant can form an "I don't like anything except grilled cheese sandwiches" club. And Kate? DRAMA QUEEN at her finest. Brady and Ryan are all boy and all love. Ryan's love is just buried under layers of 'growing boy.'

AJ, at least you get a choice. Ross just pops me on the butt (well, when he's not reaching up and squeezing big chunks of my belly fat with a mischievious smile on his face).

ABCDH said...

My girls think it's HILARIOUS to tell me I have a baby in my tummy.