Monday, August 24, 2009

So tell me (too)...

Melissa put this on her blog. I am answering it, and I would love it if YOU would do the same on yours!

When you were 18....

1) What was your dream job? being a mom
2) Car? Some sports car. I can't remember the name, but it might have been a 3000GT?
3) Vacation? I had just taken my first vacation with Thad and his mom to California. It was awesome.
4) Husband? was NOT thinking like that at 18
5) How many children were you going to have? didn't think about that either
6) What was your favorite food? drink? Taco Bell or Pizza. I think I drank a Dr. Pepper daily at MSUM. Didn't drink alcohol really--I know, I know.
7) Where did you work at? Tastee Freez
8) What did you do for fun? Gamma Phi Beta stuff
9) Favorite movie? No clue
10) Favorite color? Pink
11) Were you college bound or college broke? College bound & loved it.
12) Hair color? Reddish brown
13) Favorite store? Back then? I will guess Express.
14) Best memory? Being a GPB pledge, Owl parties, the summer of 1994 when Thad, Elli, and Melissa lived together, and just moving toward the next stage of life.
15) Current job? Teacher and mother

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