Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day

Ryan and Kate had a good first day of school. Kate said her teacher was nice and pretty. Ryan only said that he is doing some sort of math 'thing' where he has 500 or so sheets to do to earn points. It really didn't make sense, but pressing Ryan on the issue wasn't going to help anyway so I left it alone. All I know is he has a stack of math worksheets that he was diligently working on. (I haven't had time to upload pics yet sorry!)
I had a nice first day too. I felt a little down today, because I am in a new area, teaching new curriculum, and dealing with a new age group. Of course who has time for a pity party when Homecoming ballots went out today? Not this gal! Yes, Homecoming coronation is next Monday. It's going to be a hectic two weeks. It will get done and all will be well.
Olivia begins preschool tomorrow. It's hard to believe that in one short year she will be a kindergartner. Holy cow!
Please know that even though I haven't commented on posts today, I have read them all and been so excited for your kids' first days of school. Melissa---I hope your puppy is okay too btw.
Have a great week!


Ben said...

yikes! how in the world can it be Homecoming already when school just started? were there no other home games planned for this season or what? :) !!

ABCDH said...

I wish I got to go back to school like you do. I know it must be a TON of responsibility, but it sounds so fun.

TBRKO said...

It is fun AJ!
Ben: yeah I am not sure why the people who schedule it chose it to be right away. I can't tell you what a pain it is....